A few days before May 29, I have been asking questions trying to x-ray Mr. (sorry Dr.) Goodluck Jonathan’s first year of his own full term of office as Nigeria’s President. It is so sad that I do not have enough in my brain or purse to rival Oga Ebele or his cronies in the art and act of governance. I however have the privilege of seeing a few things and commenting like many people have been doing in the last one year.

I am sorry if I disappoint a few people with the direction of this piece. It is however how exactly I feel. I have asked why many people simply delight in taking a dig at the President at any available forum. Truth be told many of us will not fare any better as President of the complex entity that the Federal Republic of Nigeria. “Uneasy lies the head that wear the crown”, they say.

Let us not be unnecessarily harsh, the Jonathan administration has tried one way or the other. I can even say without any fear of contradiction that this administration has tried in ways than one. Whatever the court of public opinion says, the achievements of Dr. Jonathan are there for all to see and for those whose sights are blurry, the achievements speak for themselves.

It is on record that this administration has made a lot of promises and will go down in history as the one which showed a lot of concern for the populace. The administration that concerned itself with the future and sought to remove fuel subsidy because the economy would crumble if things went on that way. Tell me what is bad in planning for the future. It is said that he who fails to plan, plans to fail.

Palliatives in form of buses came in to the country as quickly as possible. Tell me which government will hurriedly bring in refurbished buses to “cushion the effect of subsidy removal” if it is not a government that sincerely cares. The distribution of these buses has been put on hold because the people have not appreciated the kind gesture of government and government does not want to send a wrong signal to ‘ordinary Nigerians’.

In whose tenure has sordid details of the way our ‘rulers’ brazenly loot been exposed? Yet unappreciative Nigerians keep abusing His Excellency for not taking action. Who has achieved the feat of cans of worms being opened on a regular basis. Fuel Subsidy scam, Malibu (or whatever they call it), Aunty Diezani’s few trillions of naira. Under whose leadership has much scandal broken? Yet you say Dr. Jonathan has not achieved anything in one year. Unfair Nigerians.

A President whose administration has been carefully studying subsidy probe reports to avoid jailing people wrongly is here accused of not showing commitment to fighting corruption. Why should a person who is accused of stealing trillions go to jail? Such a person can use that brain to the benefit of mankind in Nigeria. Petty thieves must go to jail because they are too dumb for them to have committed crimes that small. Yet we are so unappreciative and unfair to this government.

Tell me which government in the history of Nigeria has spent quite enough money on security like the Jona administration. People still open their mouths to condemn a government which has shown enough commitment to fighting terrorism by allocating a sizeable sum of money for security. Please can someone tell me if there is any amount too much to secure lives and properties in the country, a vast country with diverse cultures like Nigeria.

This government has only taught the youth how not to spend money anyhow. Yet ingrates who the government has given a source of livelihood and a ‘whooping’ N20,000 monthly complained that their ‘allawee’ came in late. How on earth will they face up to the reality of the present day Nigeria. Some others abuse a government that is working tirelessly to provide electricity (or power as they call it) of breeding the ‘generator generation’. This ungrateful set of Nigerians

A government that is trying not to overheat the polity is being accused by many Nigerians of being protective of the ‘cabal’. Why in God’s name should the Jonathan administration release the list of Boko Haram sponsors? There is tension in the land already, so why should any list of Boko Haram sponsors be released? Why should the so-called ‘cabal’ be prosecuted? The polity is too hot to be heated the more. The useless opposition parties just want to add more fuel to the current fire in Nigeria.

Will Nigerians just show some more understanding and stand by this government in these trying times. Dr. Jona has begged us not to abandon him, he needs our unalloyed support. Please let us support him and his team with prayers, prayers like that of Most Reverend Peter Jasper Akinola, a Nigerian legend that has spoken himself into my Nigerian Hall of Fame, a group that also include the like of Reverend Father Matthew Kukah, Gani Fawehinmi, Professor Sabitu Olagoke and other reputable Nigerians.

I’m outta here…xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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  1. agunbiade olusegun Caleb.... says:

    Lovely piece!! I will start d prayer by saying just like God sent d plague of firstborn to d Egyptians may the firstborn of all those that are troubling n looting our national treasury die before their very eyes in Jesus name …..can I hear a resounding amen…

  2. Fisayo Adetoye says:

    Mr Seye Babalola, Nice piece u have here as usual and ur sarcastic tone actually gives this burning issue a light/funny touch. I have always respected ur writing and I will forever do.
    Now, to address the issue on ground on the state of the nation, it really hurts my soul when all we Nigerians do is hurl insults and discredit the president at every little chance we have. Our society has actually degenerated to the extent that even our students could go lawless all because the president decided to name an Institution after a great hero and sacrificial lamb for this our present democracy all because the name is not “funky”. Did this happen when University of Ife was changed to Obafemi Awolowo University? Ladokites, aren’t we proud of our name?

    We really need to bring back the moral value system and it has to start from our various homes. Jonathan is not a Genie and he cannot perform miracles and turn this country around overnight. We should be ready to do our bits and develop this country in our own little way.

    I said it during the subsidy protests in january that we have been handed the mantle of leadership mistakenly by this government and the only thing we needed to do was take control and take Nigeria in the direction we desire but what did we do, we went to sleep and the status quo returned.

    Another year has passed and things are getting worse. We have given the chance to idiots like El-rufai, Buhari, dele momodu and co. to continue to divide us, while their puppets (boko haram) continue to kill innocent people daily.

    I am not shoeless Jonathan’s tool as some of u may think, I’m just a very bitter Nigerian, who is about giving up on this entity called Nigeria because we the citizens have actually condemned ourselves to this present gory state by attacking what is irrelevant and neglecting what’s important.

    Finally, we have a duty to our country Nigeria and until we stand up to this responsibility, the labour of our heroes past will surely be in vain.

    Arise o compatriots, Nigeria’s call Obey!!!

  3. 'Yinka Babalola says:

    Ah, God bless Mr. Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonathan. He’s lifted. and above all, HE SHALL REAP THE FRUIS OF HIS LABOUR. Bless you, GoodyJ.

  4. Tola says:

    ¶ refuse τ̅☺ consider MKO a hero. ¶ see him as just an opportunistic capitalist who died trying τ̅☺ achieve his own selfish dreams. Only God knows if he would av sold us if he became †ђξ president then.

    Furthermore, ¶ condemn d protest by d students over mere name of institution. It’s so sad that d president will wake up 1 day n change a reputable name τ̅☺ just some name that has no relevance τ̅☺ †ђξ school. For crying out loud, there are serious issues begging for attention n all our president could do is τ̅☺ start naming schools just like Adam was naming God’s creatures. Lol. On †ђξ other hand, ¶ feel †ђξ students should fight a better course than 4 mere name.

    However, talking of OAU, Awolowo played a remarkable role i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ d history of Nigerian education and particularly i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ existence of OAU, so it was worth it τ̅☺ name †ђξ school after him. Obafemi deserved †ђξ honour.

    Tell ♍Ƹ ​Ψђåt MKO has done, apart 4 d fact that he was unfortunate i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ June 12. ¶ don’t see his relevance i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ Nigerian education n UNILAG for that matter. They can name †ђξ national stadium or anywhere else after him, but they shouldn’t spoil d name of a reputable school cos of one opportunistic capitalist.

    ¶ rest my case

    • Fisayo Adetoye says:

      Dear Tola,
      Every man God created is selfish, if not we would have still been in the garden of eden. He had his goals in life and he set his machinery in motion to achieve those goals. I really don’t care if Abiola was a capitalist, opportunist or whatever. Even Robin Hood that was a thief is still hailed as a hero till today.
      This is a man who was the highest ever contributor to Nigerian education and the development of Unilag in particular. This man was the brain behind the creation and development of many universities in Nigeria. There is hardly a university you’ll get to that you won’t find an MKO hall, library or building.
      This man started a printing press just because Nigerians cldnt afford textbooks that were mostly printed abroad ( Business sense tho)
      He also created Jobs for the teeming graduates with his companies and he didn’t stash away his funds overseas like most of his mates did.
      Obafemi Awolowo was a politician who used his goodwill and political office to develop education in the southwest but Abiola was a Businessman who donated his proceeds to the Nigerian education but was stupid enough to venture into politics
      He really gave his life for his desire and that of the Nigerian people as a whole.
      He gave us Hope in ’93.

  5. @SheyiOmishade says:

    Ur article is on point…he has really performed I can see that … Hopefully he will adress all d points u have mentioned before his term runs out otherwise I WILL BOLDLY CALL A FAILURE

  6. omilana peter says:

    Wonderful piece bro. Think u r being sarcastic. More write ups. Cheers.

  7. Durosaro Ololade Oyinlola says:

    Hmmmmm! Mr seye , dis article is so much on point! U’ve really said it all. May God guild our leaders rite. Before getting τ̲̅ȍ d post they promise us heaven nd earth buh on getting dare dey don’t care abt d affairs of pple again, despite d fact dat our country is so bless buh still suffer I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ getting dem… Our leaders r too self-centered nd bcome disable on getting τ̲̅ȍ d post… Let me drop my pen here!

  8. Tola says:

    ¶’ve not said his name should not b immortalised but not unilag, that’s τ̅☺ much 4 him, there are other places. Like ​U̶̲̥̅̊ said, they’ve already named so many places after him, dat should b enough seff.

    Besides, it’s so sad that d government could ignore pressing issues n start renaming a school. It’s arrant nonsense as ​U̶̲̥̅̊ can see d aftermath already. It’ll also amount i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ d long run τ̅☺ waste of financial resource as d school will now av τ̅☺ spend so much cos of an unwarranted change of name.

    Well, Nigeria has a reputation of wasting resources, it’s an unfortunate tradition

  9. AyoBola Raji says:

    Which of the favors of your Lord will you deny? O Nigerians!

  10. Isaac odeh says:

    Mr seye, na u try pass. As regads GEJ hidden achievements, i want to say that for the first time, a fellow nigerian has boldly expressed my mind. For God sake, if we resent to sayin Jonah was a curse to 9ja then God wont forgive us. Oh GEJ! A treasure to be behold, here you are, been missused by the inhabitant of this entity called Nigeria. The so-called civilised world leaders dont negotiate with terrorist but here comes a man who defines human right by saying boko haram, lets come to round table and somebody is telling me that man who went to school barefooted is a weak man. On the subsidy issue, how will nigerians expect development when the major exported commodity of a nation is inturn subsidised for the citizenry? Imagine if NITEL was still monopolising nigerias telecom industry, can it provide the job opportunity airtel, glo, mtn and the likes have offered to nigerians? Imagine nigerians having a choice of d filling station to go fuel their cars which is just like having a choice of which network provider to use? We all know the Government isnt fair but fellow compatroits, for once lets have faith in this entity called Nigeria.. Untill Nigerians stop been myopic, the labour of our hereos past will surely be in vein… My fellow compatroit, arise as Nigeria calls obey…. Nigeria, good people, great Nation. God bless my Nigeria.

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