VERY early in life, I learnt the beauty of reading widely. I read editorials and newspaper columns. I dare not speak bad English. It might be permitted elsewhere, not with myself or my then only brother. It was a rule to pass English Language very well. i remember the mantra then was not only “study to shew thyself approved to understanding”, it was also “read as extensively as you can, that way you will know what your mates and elders do not know”.

It was weird then but then I am very appreciative I had that head start, and early in life too. I had this journalist who made me read, and then encouraged me to write thereafter. He encouraged me to never be far from my dictionary, to always carry a writing pad and either a pen or pencil to write any new word I might encounter. Today, if boredom sets in, I want to write to chase it away. If I am sad, I want to write away my sadness; my whole emotion has one thing to do with writing.

That I write anything today – poems, articles, news or anything is strictly attributed to this man. I remember placing a bet that I will score an A1 in my WASSCE English some twelve years ago. You dare not score a C in English Language. I did not score an A1, but I was close, and to you I owe it all Dad. With all sense of modesty, Father made me believe in my writing, and told me I write better than some people who trained in the Arts. Thanks for that Dad, you rock big time.Image

Dad has been a steady pillar of support and encouragement. The one who saw in me the natural thing to be in the arts, the one whom I rebelled against before ending up as an animal scientist, the one to whom I finally retraced my steps to want to write the way he does. I can go on about this man who adds a year today. I must say of you Baami, you are a real blessing to me, and to us all.

Its another year to celebrate God’s faithfulness in the life of the man from whose loins myself and two other young men have emerged. My writing this week will therefore seek to eulogize the man whose impact on me is unparalleled. I will try but this piece will not be enough to celebrate the man I have grown to know as a father and a friend since my childhood. I know what I mean when I say that and you will get to know in the course of this piece.Image

I can count loyalty, truthfulness, devotion and honesty among the virtues I have learnt from Sakin Babalola. He was loyal to a fault to Daily Sketch where he worked and rose to the post of News Editor before mismanagement killed the company. When challenges came after Sketch closed down and we suggested he tried another field, Father just looked at us and sat us down and educated us about passion, loyalty and what being devoted to your passion is. He has a passion for journalism and journalism alone. He will die a journalist.

“I’ll rather die poor than fraudulently obtain anything in life”. That was my Dad talking to me during one of our now uncountable gists. For someone who has had different opportunities to perpetuate fraud or be dishonest to remain staunch, you deserve a big salute Dad. He was being wooed into occultism by some top politicians and famous people many years but father refused saying he would rather work hard as he was scared to join up and later have to pay for it with his family. That is the dedicated family man in him.

I do not know what other thing qualifies him as a family man if not for his refusal to relocate from Nigeria earlier in his life. He told us years after that he did not go because he did not want to leave us. Things like that count, and mean a lot. He cherishes his family. If he travels out of town for two hours, he is always calling to check on us. He could be very possessive and caring, and that can be annoying, it however shows the premium he has placed on his family. He still does that.

I have learnt the beauty and blessing of giving from my Dad. While he held sway as the News Editor of Sketch Press Limited, Father received lots of corporate gifts during celebrations – Sallah, Christmas, Easter and so on. He has this way of sharing the gifts in the News Room so that everyone, including interns will have a share. Some of his contemporaries called him names because of that. Some others laughed at him, calling him a ‘waster of things meant for his family’.

I remember Dad was once given a Christmas hamper and shared everything therein, coming home with the empty basket. That he still does till this day. Never afraid to get things for people, even when he himself is cash strapped. He puts the interest of others ahead of him many times. Those things he has done in the past are speaking for him, and for us as children even now.

As children, Dad always said to Yinka and myself, “the young shall grow” to which we replied, “the old shall wax stronger and stronger”, flexing those tiny muscles. Right from childhood, my father has always related with us as friends, not like the typical stone faced ‘Daddies’ of those days. I remember quite well that the only time I was beaten by my Dad while growing (till now) was when I was six years old. Of course I knew what I did was wrong. The fact that I did what made him beat me was what made me cry.

I can go on and on but I will not bore you by making this piece too long. The only favour I ask of you is to drop your comments and celebrate my Dad with me on the auspicious occasion of his birthday. The young ones have grown, and the old is waxing stronger, and STRONGER. Happy birthday to a wonderful father, friend and confidant. Happy birthday Baami, emi gigun ati Alafia o. E ma pe fun wa. I love you pieces Dad, We love you lots. Your grandchildren? Very soon pal, very soon.


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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  1. “…..the young shall grow” to which we replied, “the old shall wax stronger and stronger……” Hmmm!

  2. ashanti says:

    Seye, this is a very good piece keep it up

  3. 'Yinka Babalola says:

    He’s my first elderly friend. Ko si iro ninu gbogbo oun ti o so, Mr. Oga!

  4. Ayorinde.M. says:

    Dude onpoint rilly appreciate ur courage…U re indeed am epitome of greatest…9ice weeknd bro

  5. odeshinabola says:

    Omo daddy. In this generation only a few can point to a legacy passed on from their parents. Many just love their parents for loving sake but you are among the lucky few who can look and learn from a parent or even both.
    I wish him many more years in wealth and most importantly in health and happiness.

  6. Halybee says:

    I tried so hard to hold back tears as I read this piece, when I see or hear about good parents lÏke this am always touched. Dady ma pe laye and by God’s special grace the grand children and even the great grànd children he shall see. LLNP

  7. oyeyemi says:

    Awww..sweet!!!my eyes are clouded wiv tears right now…Baba rere,,epe fun wa oo.You shall reap d fruit of ur labour IJN.nice one bro,u always kill it.lolz

  8. sagay says:

    I’m touched…

  9. Oloye becky says:

    My God keep nd bless ur family.hp u gv ur popsy grandchildren soon cus he needs piece…I waz blessed.

  10. I thought I knew what I wanted to say… to what can one compare a pillar that holds one steady in the pursuit of one’s dream? Nothing!
    Dear Sakin Babalola what your son meant by ‘ I love you pieces’ is that every cell of his body loves every cell of yours.
    Happy birthday Sir…

  11. nykelodeon says:

    Happy Birthday Daddy !! Erm…err…’seye, err…do yu have a Sister ‘cos there is no doubt she be a good woman 4 me *biggrin*

  12. nykelodeon says:

    AwwWww….’Seye…dis is *wipe tears* …touching …Happy Birthday Daddy !! Erm…err…’seye, err…do yu have a Sister ‘cos there is no doubt she be a good woman 4 me *biggrin*

  13. macdemmy says:

    Happy birthday daddy,we all love you more than you can imagine,the story tell on the a good friend.E MA JEUN OMO.

  14. Tope says:

    God bless your Dad really good….he reminds me of mine. They don’t come like that anymore do they? I pray he reaps the fruits of his labour.

  15. babatunde eniayekan says:

    This piece confirms most of the things yinka said about dad years back. Happy birthday ‘Daddy Babalola’ may you wax even stronger.

  16. bobby jay says:

    I’m short of words

  17. ALEX says:

    I was reading this piece as if you were describing my DAD. To the good father that raised an appreciative son, may God almighty continue to bless you. You will reap the fruit of your labour. Thank you sir. ASEYI SAMODUN O

  18. Ade Akin says:

    All Glory to God. Big weldone to u Seye. SakinSola has a great combination that produced u ‘trio’ sese, papa and nife. Celebrate u. My success story started from your Dad. He was there for me in those years he called me Okonkwo (though I ca
    n’t speak more than Kedu). He motivated me with everything he had to make sure I passed English. Prior to WAEC or GCE age, the first shirt I ever owned was bought for me when I was promoted from Primary 5 to 6 for outstanding performance. When one year later the shirt was one of the properties that local thieves took away from our house in the village, I wept bitterly. He bought me a replacement even with a trouser and again with a promise that he would buy more for me when I start secondary school. Needless to say the rest of the story. Uncle Sakin has loads of legacy he has been passing from generation to generation. I read a book ‘success never end, failure is not final’ and the highlight of the book is ‘the gap between my failure and success was bridged by Uncle Sakin’ otherwise, it might take me another decade or century to cross over. Celebrate you dearly my Uncle………….The Lord shall reward OPENLY your open and secrete labour of love to us. Happy Born Day sir

  19. sisijacobs says:

    Happy Birthday to a great man, there is no higher achievement than raising kids to do right and follow their dreams, as well as contributing to the society at large. Kudos and may God continue to bless and enlarge his coast

  20. Tola says:

    Nice1, bro! Sorry 4 d late comment. ¶’ll say it’s not enough τ̅☺ just read dis piece or drop comments, we all must aspire τ̅☺ b great dads. We celebrate ur dad n other great dads out there. Tuale!!!

  21. oreoluwa babayemi ogunleye says:

    we celebrate your dad n the great dads out there.mine was a hero as well,intending dads should learn from these great ones………….

  22. ENIOLA says:

    Had to read this Piece over and over again Bro, Seeing your Dad for the 1st Time when I came over to your place, of a Truth “The Oldman is waxing Stronger and Stronger”, As. You have taken time out to celebrate his benevolence in ur life, So shall urs be celebrated to.

  23. ENIOLA says:

    Had to read this Piece over and over again Bro, Seeing your Dad for the 1st Time when I came over to your place, of a Truth “The Oldman is waxing Stronger and Stronger”, As You have taken time out to celebrate his benevolence in ur life, So shall urs be celebrated to.
    To “Baami” as u Described him, E je Oun Omo Pepe, Koni Jooyin Lenu, Yii o yoyin, Amin

  24. Ayobola Raji says:

    This piece makes me miss my pa too. Can’t wait for his b’day nxt mnth. Baba ni baba mi. Salute to the Journalist

  25. oluwaseun says:

    Sir, d values u imparted into your children is so visible to us all. My prayer for you is that may all your offsprings bring you numerous joy and may your years be full and fulfilled. happy belated birthday sir.

  26. lekan says:

    This is really emotional,daddy must be really proud of you cause you just prove to the whole world that you actually bagged two first degree 1. Journalist .2. Animal scientist. Keep the fire burning ore and make sure you fulfill that promise you made to dad on time.(#Grandchildrenthings)

  27. says:

    Thankfulness to my father who shared with me on the topic
    of this website, this web site is actually remarkable.

  28. I all the time emailed this webpage post page to all my contacts, because
    if like to read it then my friends will too.

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