My mouth seeks to say what my eyes have seen

But I am dumbstruck in awe

Of your captivatingly bewitching look

That has shattered me overwhelmingly

Into a million tiny shreds of ecstasy

                                                                My hands itch to write what I know

                                                                But I am beyond words to express in writing

                                                                That deepest level of femininity

                                                                That has jeopardized the normal control

                                                                 Of my emotions, mind and body

My body wills to choreograph

But I cannot show

How your smile as harmless in its fullness

Can drain a world class athlete of his stamina

And even melt the polar ice caps

                                                              My brain needs to recollect all I have seen

                                                              But it is blocked and locked

                                                              By the mind drugging effect

                                                              Of the fragrance you carry

                                                              On the proximity of the fragile lines of your body

I love you so much so

You aren’t my girl or lady

Woman or mistress

Or my princess or queen

You are simply your only kind

 I AM @oscarpoems


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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28 Responses to JUST YOU!

  1. Damilare says:


  2. miss Omoye says:

    Hmmmmm so sweet. Now am in love #wink#

  3. titata says:

    Wonderful and appealing poem

  4. AyB.Blog says:

    Seye. Seye. Seye. Hmmmmmmn I biliv U

  5. nykelodeon says:

    Mehn !!!! D babe wey nor trip 4 dis na winsh walai !! Lovely lovely…I guess u were smitten wen u wrote dis eh…oya, who b d inspiration na…

  6. Olamerun Adeola says:

    Hmmmmmmm!!!really 9ce esaaa ayeee#winks#

  7. Paul says:


  8. odeshinabola says:

    How in the world can you forgot to include her name. I mean the special lady.
    Good piece boss

  9. oluwaseun says:

    Me I won’t say anything o. If this was penned few years ago, then my 2 plus 2 will be 4. Nice one brother.

  10. Olaoluwakiitan says:

    Hmmm! *singing* U make me feel like a natural woman

  11. Olaoluwakiitan says:

    Oscar ds is sweet. *Singing* u make me feel like a natural woman

  12. lordrooz says:

    World class!!!
    Women fall for what’s even less deeper than this, the inspiration of this massive piece of poetry is already in your arms, I suppose?

  13. bjnaty says:

    Ori Mi Wu o, Can’t stop loving Again!

  14. Ajewole Lawrence says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Dis would melt the strongest of hearts. Keep it coming bro! I believe #OpennessNani

  15. awoyemi says:

    Mehn ife yi gbona feli-feli…it is from the inside

  16. awoyemi says:

    Mehn ife yi gbona feli-feli…it is from the inside. Nice piece bro

  17. Kayode says:

    This is the one you can not secretly admire

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