In the past few weeks, I have started articles which I could not finish. I have done some up till the ‘lintel’ only to pull it down and trash again. The rush of inspiration to write comes mostly when I answer the call of nature, or when I take my bath. Sadly however, I have not been able to remember when I step out of that small room. I also have this ‘my-head-is-not-right’ feeling these days and that hampers my writing so bad. It is so bad there is now a folder I named ‘Work in Progress’ on my PC.

It is not that there are not occurrences to write about, it is not that poetic ideas are lacking, it is not that the time has not been available, it is just that there seems to be a block in my head. I keep trying to roll away that stone that is blocking my creative juice from flowing. Maybe by opening the lid of this computer to type ‘freestyle’ like I used to do a while ago, I am turning that curve and setting myself free from the write-jail, a la twitjail.

There have been a few poems to serve, a few articles have also been written. From the ‘Work in Progress’ folder, I also have things to share here but let this just be a form of writing to let you know I am still around. While the day job of tending animals steals most of my time, I choose not to let it kill this other ‘job’ which I am not trained for.

@shaiontheprowl is one whose kind words a forthnight ago rings. He told me to relax while the block takes over me so I can sneak away from the block. Thanks a bunch bro. I appreciate that. Where do we start? Let’s say the next article. Thanks for choosing to encourage.

While I have not been able to write, I have tried my hands on story writing again, been a while I did that too. I hope to come good and do what I do the way I always do it. Meanwhile, I will keep reading, even if it means I will have to play catch up many times (especially with @thebluepaet and @damie_maverick, who wrote wonderful pieces which I could not read while I hibernated).

Let me just pack my ‘pangolo’ outta here and not bore you with what has kept me away for so long. Thanks for bearing with me.

I am @oscarpoems on twitter


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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8 Responses to I DUNNO

  1. isaacola says:

    Welcome bro, every one who writes understand you especially when you have a deadline to meet. Relax and Kabooom d inspirational juice will start flowing again.

  2. Cuteblessing oredola says:

    Wondering as well,wat could hv went wrng…God is ur strength sir

  3. Pick it up now. We believe so much in you. ‘Your writings will someone right the wrong world’ bro

  4. BluePaet says:

    Your mind is hibernating sir, give it time and I also think you should read a lot, anything and everything you can find. I am also experiencing some kind of block, na God go help all of us.

  5. oscarpoems says:

    Thanks bro. You are an inspiration bro. I’m loving the 20 day challenge too. God bless you

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