Another explosion just occurred

Human beings lay lifeless on the ground….

The price of unrest being paid


In such expensive terms that it is

Both the innocent and guilty pay

Old and young, rich and poor

All pay with different things

Lives, properties and all

What do you say about the man who is without a gun yet just lost a son?

Or a mother who watched the soldier pull the trigger, sniffing life out of her child…

Tears roll down our cheeks

But we have become used to this


Upon all these troubles,

 do we take time to think?

If we fight for the right cause

Or we are just overridden

 by the force that controls blood lust

Through all these,

some of us still hope

That one day, it will all end

Our broken hearts, time will mend

Our lost ones

which we couldn’t bid goodbye

shall all rest


The homes we lost

The results of war, a robust burden

Avoidable occurrences all


Things which would have been settled without fighting

Because after the war,it isn’t about ‘who was right’ but it is about ‘who is left


Even as we look for hope in the blue sky

All these shall pass

Ayotunde Olojede (@iamAYOTEE)


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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  1. Kamil Olubuade says:

    Let’s just keep the hope alive. War is destructive, uncontrollable, fierce… It usually give birth to a lot of bad , horrible things. After the war, in the end, war will still remain a war no matter how fair enough the outcome might seems…

    • oscarpoems says:

      The part of Nigeria that is presently embroiled in war can say it. My bro was in Maiduguri in 2011. Its better heard than experienced. Can we have total peace again? I doubt it. Thanks Kamil.

  2. oluwaseun says:

    Man’s unsatisfied penchant for wealth, fame and power is the cause of all wars. As long as earth exists, there will always be war. God help us.

    • oscarpoems says:

      Power, position, relevance and all. I say to people that these issues that we presently face are just signs of the times, the end times which the Bible talks about. Thanks for taking time to read bro. Bless

  3. Peju says:

    Beautiful,Ayotunde. Just beautiful! Well done.

  4. AyB.Blog says:

    Sad and unfortunate this thing called ‘war’

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