A few days ago, I sat in the ‘comfort’ of the cab on my way to the night shift which has so much become regular of recent. As the cab man was screaming his destination on top of his voice, I decided to busy myself in the e-version of Francine Rivers’ An Echo in the Wind. Time, always not my friend these days, was running out fast. I needed to catch the staff bus, failing which I would have to ‘hail’ a bike in a not so favourable time of the day. Little by little, the vehicle got its full passenger load, and even added the extra one man in front, that has come to stay in my city of residence.

I managed to murmur a reply when each of the co-passengers came in as I was engrossed totally in the book I was reading. I even ignored all sorts of messages that came in on the phone, preferring instead to continue my reading.

Time to move, I looked up for no particular reason and then went back to my reading.

The journey started smoothly and there was this elation in me that the angels have actually answered my prayers and we would get to my destination even before the calculated time. While the journey continued in its smoothness, I was enjoying the breeze that was washing over my face that warm evening, as well as the minimal level of traffic flow that allowed easy and quick movement for me.

As we approached the final stop, I wanted to flip my wallet which I always held in my hands. That was when it dawned on me that in my rushing and hurrying, I had left my wallet on my bed post at home as someone moved me for free from home to the bus stop while I was hurrying. In my distraught state, I actually started ransacking my bag maybe to see if angel Gabriel had placed it in there. My palms became sweaty, my mind in turmoil. “What would I tell this cab man for God’s sake?” I was half laughing at myself for the embarrassing scene I would witness when I alight at the last stop. I tried to place a call to my friend who lives a bit close to where I was going to stop to go wait for me and avail me of the amount I needed to pay. Thank God for MTN and Globacom, my misery was compounded as the call did not just connect on either of the networks.

I sank well into the car seat, ready to receive the highest level of dressing down I have ever received. I sighed repeatedly, brought out my handkerchief to mop invisible sweat. Simply put, I was restless. The young lady beside me whose greeting I answered in a murmur noticed that I was not composed and I was lucky she asked “is everything okay?”

I smiled, and told her I was in real deep trouble.

Explaining my plight to her, she told me to calm down. That was when I started feeling the coolness of the breeze on my face again. She paid the driver with a crispy one thousand naira note and just chuckled, more like holding a laugh.

Wetin consign me? Part one of the ish don settle. She just turned to me and said “I’ve been down that road before”.

Reaching the final stop, I thanked her and was about making my way to my friend’s when she called me back. She asked where I was heading and how I’d make my way there. All semblance of ‘forming’ disappeared straight. I reeled out my movement and lucky me, we were headed in the same direction. She offered to pay to my next stop and we started a semi-gist. That was when she narrated her own experience. Time seemed to move too fast and we got to destination, that was when I remembered the staff bus I was so in haste to catch, which by then was even gone.

As I made to go after saying thanks, she just pulled me back and dropped five hundred naira in my hands to “find your way back home tomorrow and be more careful next time”. I smiled and said thanks to appreciate the gesture.

Now you wanna know what happened next?

I took her digits and promised to call to appreciate her. Someway, somehow, there was a mix up and the number I took from her exceeded the normal eleven digits which a mobile number should be.

My ass was saved, I got a raise, but the chance to appreciate the lady I met in the dark was lost.

Maybe she was sent by angel Gabriel. Just maybe…

I am @0scarpoems


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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22 Responses to “WHERE’S MY WALLET?”

  1. Ade Akin says:

    …He that keepeth Israel never sleep nor slumber……

  2. breeze says:

    Interesting, but eager to know the concluding part….am sure that number can still be scrambled as that angel can’t just disappear without follow up

  3. adeleke kemi says:

    it has hapened to me b4 bt my own case was diferent. Durin xmas period last year, i went to lagos to buy some things on my way back to ibadan there was dis terible hold up at ojota berger. We were there from 6pm till 9pm. The bus got to iwo road by 11 30pm and my own plan b4 was dat d remaining 100 wit me wil tak me home 4rm iwo road. The bike that want 2 take me 2 sango charged me 500, i was nearly in tears as my phone was dead. Luckily a guy 4rm d same bus told d bike man he would pay as he was goin 2 apete. D man even paid my fares to my house. I gave him my number bt since then he has neva called. Maybe hes Angel Gabriel lik u said

  4. Okunade Ayodeji Samson says:

    Interesting!that’s God,when we are heavily and abnormally perspiring of fear of great ignominy that’s about to cover ur like veil,there’s a breeze frm smwia dt blows 2wards our direction;it’s breeze of peace/rest.on the that day when great storm arose,a word like breeze came and blow away the turbulence and peace came.

  5. Okunade Ayodeji Samson says:

    Interesting!that’s God,when we are heavily and abnormally perspiring of fear of great ignominy that’s about to cover ur like veil,there’s a breeze frm smwia dt blows 2wards our direction;it’s breeze of peace/rest.on the that day when great storm arose,a word like breeze came,blew away the turbulence and peace was restored

  6. nykelodeon says:

    Lol! No ooo !! U canor coman lie 4 us !! Tell us what happened…u don set P abi !! Seyestic baba !!! Lol!

  7. miss Omoye says:


  8. How else can we explain this? Divine? Natural? Anyway, God is always available, just tap into it Don’t *form big boy or girl* The best story you can ever tell or write is The story of your LIFE. I salute you bro

  9. odeshinabola says:

    I experienced almost similar scenerio back then in PHC. Out of anxiety, I even told the cabby to follow me down to an ATM. A brother paid for me and put me out of the misery

  10. AyB.Blog says:

    Lucky you! Angeli to n pin re oju re da? Its my time to shine no surender….

  11. oscarpoems says:

    *dancing kirikataly* I for hear weeeeeen

  12. sally says:

    Happens to everyone. Happened to me too. I got my wallet back though. But God always saves us. Always. Never heard of anyone dying cos of a lost wallet.

  13. Kay says:

    I once experienced same fate , I told the cab guy ” oga no money o, I forget purse for house” , he said ok no problem and I left d cab after saying thanks,

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