Ever wished you were someone else? A better face, more curves in the right places (whatever that means), less fat or more muscles, you know the six pack thingy right? Maybe for you it’s the preference for the British accent as against the thick Igbo intonation that flows freely from your vocal chords, a more rounded face, better height or what have you…the list can be endless!!! Whatever you think you are lacking or have in excess (as in the case of our thick madams), this is what I think.

*You were molded by the master in His own image, so you’re a master piece. He does not make mistakes hence you are not one. Yes, I mean that your bow leg is no mistake! (Inserts straight face)
* The person you wish you are like also wishes to be someone else. So you’ll probably end up trying to be someone else if you succeed at becoming your ‘model person’. Confusing right?
* It pays to be accepted for who you are without the pressure to be someone you really do not know how to be.
* You cannot please everyone! Even as awesome as I am, it is the one thing I have failed at.
* Stop looking at your imperfections as shortcomings. They are in fact what stand you out from the crowd!!! 

Finally, start everyday with a greater resolve to be a better version of yourself. You wanna get into shape? Exercise! You still remain the Yokozuna size, love you. No one can do that better. Look at it as standing out in the crowd.

Life as we know is short… live, laugh, learn!!! 

I am @lumi_slim on twitter


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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  1. oluwaseun says:

    Thank you sir.

  2. deedee says:

    Concise and straight to the point but makes a tonne of sense. Lovely write-up 🙂

  3. Isaacola AA says:

    Good one boss. Appreciate your uniqueness and know for sure you were created for a purpose you fit in perfectly for.

    Like I always tell my wife, if you are taller than me , you are too tall.
    Shorter than me, you are too short etc…

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