Hello folks. I have Abimbola Adebayo, one of my wonderfully naughty friends on here today. He is an incurable bachelor who told me he wrote a letter to one of the children he has not yet allowed to come strut their stuff here. Please enjoy reading. Comments would be greatly appreciated

This letter is dedicated to Damilola Adedeji for inspiring me to write.
Dear Child, 
I have no doubt that you are fine. I based this on the fact that there is no terrorism or wickedness of any sort where you presently are. I am very sure also that your meals get served on time. You are still in the best place so I have no worries about your feeding, at least for now. 

Since I got here, I cannot remember what sort of meal my friends and I took while we waited to cross the divide to this place some decades ago. My friends ( Seye, Lekan, Tosin, Damilola, Tolu and a whole lot of us) have not had manna since we came here, so get well nourished before I call you to come down here.

I should sound you a note of caution that you cannot call all these friends of mine by their name when you finally join us. Even for unrepentant bachelors like Seye, you will call them ‘Daddy’ because we lay strong emphasis on culture and respect in this part of the world where your potential mother and I live. I used the word ‘potential’ because I am not sure if have met her yet.

I hear you have been grumbling about the fact that you are not strutting your stuff here yet.(Sigh heavily) I would be sincere, it was never in my plans to delay your coming. In fact, my plan was that by now one or two others would have joined you.

It is not your business but I should let you know I intend having you and just two others. My reasons for that decision would be known when you get here.

The plan I had before was to raise you with a wonderful lady, who unfortunately deserted ship before we could get offshore. We both had good, well-mapped out plans for you guys to live a fun and fulfilled life with us as family but as the saying goes “man proposes while God disposes”. Our parting was and even still a major heart break for me.

I am presently in the ‘market’, still looking out for a good mother for you guys and once I get one, be sure that I will summon you. 

After our break-up, a friend introduced me to something called “Rebound Dating” but rebound did not work for me so your coming may be delayed. 

Moreover, finding a good mother for you and wife for my humble self nowadays seems like chasing after wind this days. Women want God fearing men but when you take them inside the room and start talking about the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ then they complain of “dulling them”(whatever that means).

I believe however that there is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing. I am on the lookout for that and will call for you as soon as that happens.

Enjoy the Garden of Eden and other side attractions while I prepare the ground for you. I love you already, and I await when you will arrive and like we all do here now, I’ll show you off on Facebook and other social networks.

Till I pen you another of these letters, have a swell time.


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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  1. Isaacola AA says:

    Ingenuity at its peak. Good work boss

  2. Ablad says:

    I think Seye should copy and paste this letter to his pikin too. *takes straw, sips a mouthful of agbo iba*

  3. lawal neyo says:

    Bro! I will tell u,u r creative but u just told us u lost ur relationship…it is well and to ur unborn child…hmmmm(I sigh)call him/her to come cos life has never been smooth even as rich as dangote is,he still face his own music…abeg call d pikin fast make him/her come hustle with us…yours truly neyo

  4. omole femi says:

    this is a nice write up.u really av a point.ladies could b funny and deceitful. may God help us

  5. Emmanuel says:

    this good man

  6. funmi says:

    Bunmi mi to sure u really av a nice write up. But 4 your break relationship  pray u find your missing rib

  7. dis is a good piece nd am sure ur unborn child can’t wait 2 meet u:p.kip it up…i know u can do better

    • Bimbo says:

      Dammy thanks for encouraging me to write this piece. Me sef can’t wait to see my unborn Child jawie. And sure more stories are up my Sleeves, peeps should expect more.

  8. stanley ogedengbe says:

    Wow! Nice piece of imaginatory not suprise though..can’t wait to read more of this..kudos

  9. kingdan says:

    Nice piece bros. I like it

  10. Bankey says:

    Nice one. It’s original meaning is inspirational

  11. Taiwo says:

    Had a good read…..nice piece

  12. oluwagbemiga maxwell says:

    simply artistic my friend and Nife’s godfather. All iz well

    • Bimbo says:

      Baba Nifemi, e seun wa oooo… Kolorun ma pa na ife wa, ka de rire ba rawa se Amin. Thanks for reading and regards to Nifemi.

  13. Adenle Adekunle akeem says:

    Eeerrrmmm…… Nice one tho..keep it up.. The embryo is finally getting into shape… As for your heart break, bros, move on, get an iron heart or have no heart at all…(yes i said it, sue me).. You forgot to tell your unborn child to bring that mythical cheques from wherever he is coming from.adios!!!!

    • Bimbo says:

      Omo iya beji, thanks for reading but this ur advice concerning Iron heart or no heart @ all fit cos me gobe oooo… And as per the cheque, my child do not intend to run charity for able body men like u.

  14. Bigg Richie says:

    You’re just a typical Nigerian with a full dose of the ‘Adamic Nature’, trying to the push the blame on the mother of the unborn child when you know a lot of your peers are living with their children (legal or illegal). Good write-up but please act fast because the mother is somewhere making same excuse too.

    Yours truly,
    A friend that cares (for the unborn child)

  15. tolu adelegan says:

    Dat was a very gud one bimbo. And i also saw my part in ur letter.naa me introduce d oda lady but girls ar funnii. Luv u all

  16. Tope Ariyo says:

    Nice one padi mi. This is a very good write up. Keep it up and I pray the Lord will direct your steps and give you ur heart desires.

  17. adeola adeniyi says:

    Monkele1,nice piece

  18. Habib says:

    Nice one bro….really creative,keep it up

  19. Oluwakemisola says:

    Wow.. Beautiful write up. Always know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The unborn children will soon be here than you ever imagined……Countdown begins.

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