…dedicated to my Uncle, Mr. Lawrence Omidiora. Happy birthday Sir

Within two weeks of resuming work at the television station I had carefully chosen who and whom to relate with and the level at which to relate. How wrong and naïve my decision was soon come to the fore as I felt the full bite of high power “politricking”.

My Departmental Head soon grounded me by keeping me in the office without assigning me any duty. My punishment was based on the fact that I belong to the other group (like say na factions of a political party battling for supremacy).

Praises to my mother for her maternal instinct and spiritual sensitivity. She was a praying and a deeply religious woman. She took me to The Head Aladura prayer warrior of my Church who prepared some spiritual ‘materials’ after discussing with me. I saw him mix honey, coconut, black soap and other ingredients I will not mention because some folks may want to send my spiritual father out of business (wink with an evil grin).

He took me to a stream and the ‘needful’ was done to wash away every wickedness both real and imagined. I was then rubbed with good smelling oil which I am sure was a mixture of olive oil and others. He called it the oil of favour. I followed Baba Aladura’s instructions to the letter and went to resume work confidently the following week.

True to Baba’s prophecy, “formation” changed in the office within two days. I was assigned to understudy reporters at assignments, most of which were fertile ones. We came back with brown envelopes almost all the time so much so that within a few weeks, my account was swelling.

Problem however came again when the reporters from whom I was learning told me I was not doing what was right. When I asked what the supposedly right thing was, they said I have not been giving ‘returns’ to our ‘oga at the top’. I got the message through one of the boss’ protege before the close of work that day with the conditions that needed to be met to remain on my juicy beat.

I either comply with the order or be brought back to the office where the duty I would have to carry the old VHS tapes from the library to the Control Room. I was given till the next day to decide and conclude.

Within five minutes, my conclusion was ready. I dragged my confused mind and tamed it to reason along the situation my helpless body found itself.  “Please tell madam I would gladly comply with her directive”, I told the guy that was sent to me.

With that sorted, I packed my bags to close, my mood totally shattered at the thought of having to share the ‘coins’ which trickles down to me. I got to work the next day and my senior reporter told me we were to cover a government organised dinner and award night. I would normally have giggled endlessly but I knew the content of the brown envelope that normally accompanies such venture has been ‘pre-shared with quota’ in a very unfavourable ratio.

A superior who is a full staff with full benefits wanting forty percent of whatever I get from an assignment, that is ridiculously unacceptable but wetin man for do? From the remaining sixty percent, the cameraman and driver, as well as the video editor and his ‘people’ would also be ‘sorted’. Sad part is most of these ‘hangers-on’ are full staff. Lost in thought, I was comforted by the old saying “half bread is better than none”. Am I only interested in the perks of the assignment and not learning the job itself? Methinks not.

For weeks, I was going to assignments, while we maintained our ‘sharing formula’ in order to avoid being kept in the office and remain relegated.  Seriously however, I was calculating how to break free from the ‘slave trade’ I was subjected to.


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15 Responses to OFFICE LIFE (2) BY ABIMBOLA ADEBAYO (@bunmi_bimbola)

  1. lekan says:

    Hmm…Nice one,keep it rolling.

  2. Paul says:


  3. Isaacola AA says:

    Juicy assignments with fat envelopes and higher propensity to learn the ropes. Ayam laffing o

  4. Yemi Michael says:

    Serious slave trade!having to give a cut to seniors that are full time staff with all benefits is what obtains in many organisations.if you don’t want to comply,you should be ready to look for job.job search is not easy.good work of imagination like always.may you never be short of inspiration.

  5. Bellezagrafia says:

    This is getting interesting…oya ma roll..waiting…

  6. Remi says:

    Good piece the brown envelope part reminded me of my IT days when you have to share money to journalist for favourable reports n headlines but i never thought they still share with their oga’s kudos n keep d flag flying

  7. osuolale oyindamola says:

    ……politricking, hmmmn

  8. maxwell oluwagbemiga says:

    hey, why/how is dis nt funny,well just ride on my friend you have always shown that you are gifted. where is d part 3?

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  10. tolu adelegan says:

     wish u paid for dan from d brown envelop. Probably add a little of body massage for madam *winks

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