Oga at the top looked at the two bottles of beer placed before him and smiled. He exchanged a few words with the bar man who in turn pointed in my direction. On sighting me, he smiled and looked away. I am sure he must be thinking what to do with me as he looked away. With eyes firmly trained on him, I did not know when the bar man left him or got to my side. He simply tapped me and said Oga asked me to join his table.
“Heavens must be at peace with me”, I thought as I got up and did a double march to his table. He looked at me, smiled and shook his head.

“My boy, what does these twin bottles of the big honourable stand for? Is it to find a way out of your present self-inflicted predicament?”. I stayed mute, scratching my head and shifting my weight from leg to leg. He looked up at me where I stood, in front of him, and he pointed to the seat, motioning for me to sit down.

“You still have a lot to learn and game skills to acquire before you can sky rocket”, he said as he picked his glass to down a few gulps. “You are jumping the gun, as well as hunting the game of elders”. I made a face that made him re-phrase what he said.

“By hunting the game of elders, I mean you’re rolling with ladies I have marked for my pleasure. But since you know another way to my heart, I forgive you. Go and sin no more”, he added and then took his glass to empty its content.

From what Oga at the top said, it was obvious as first guessed that my ‘downfall’ can be traced to flirting with his ‘chosens’. God help my soul! Though I enjoyed their company but I had to face the fact that I need not enjoy the female company at the expense of my career.

Moreover, I could always act “local champion” outside the television station. I therefore decided to put a stop to whatever closeness I had with the ladies in the office and stop them from putting ‘sand in my garri’. What do I even have to lose after all.

I was even more determined to cut off any link with them when I thought of how they neglected me when I landed in soup. Their actions in the little time of tribulation have even shown that they will cause me more harm if I don’t quickly settle with my benefactor. The licence to gain their attention was the meagre change I was making and the hype I was getting from the news broadcast.

Now that the licence has been trampled upon due to my relationship with them and none of them seemed to care, I just decided to let them go.

“Sir, I am very sorry”, I said to my boss. He looked at me pitifully and waved his hands, as if to say the matter was settled. No doubt this beer joint meeting is doing “wonders” and a positive result seems to be on the way. After some minutes of silence between us, I struggled to say “sorry sir” once again, adding that I am only a small boy who can’t eat pap without getting his fingers soiled.

My boss looked at me and continued ‘romancing’ his bottle of beer. It was like both of us had an agreement in the ‘spirit’ as we continued the drinking spree as if we were competing. After some hours of drinking and exchanging of banters alongside a long lecture from my boss on how to play my game without getting into trouble in the office, we discovered we had stayed for too long.

In my tipsy state, I still managed to count the number of empty beer bottles on our table. In all, we had downed twenty bottles of the ‘big honourable’ – my boss twelve and the rest were in my blood stream. What a way to reconcile!


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Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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13 Responses to OFFICE LIFE (4)

  1. Isaacola AA says:

    Learning dangerously on the job. Good work there boss.

  2. ayanbajo tunde says:

    2 more meetings at the joint with another 24 big honourables will get you the biggest of all honourable positions. Nice Job Bro.

  3. Ablad says:

    And this bond among ‘drinkers’ eh! It’s everywhere, even the poor ogogoro consumers can settle whatever matter it is over a tumbler of local gin. Play your game well and careful too. Well done.

  4. samuel ogunnaike says:


  5. Lumi says:

    Nice job bro…big honorable sha!!!!

  6. benjamin says:

    Seems honouable is working for you there but watch it too same honourable as led to the downfall of some people. I want you to open your eyes well while smiling on the table of Liqour. Good job

  7. ollyman says:

    Pastor bunmi adebayo, d babalaje of oru ijebu, majekobaje of masscom abusi, we dey enjoy d story, mak u too dey tak ur time wit girls , na so u see one girl for akute and ur eyes begin dance makosa. Lol

  8. lekan says:

    This is refreshing bro

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