When the Emir sent an emissary to Mallam Ibrahim that his daughter was the preferred of all the females in the town to be the wife of the crown prince, his son; Shehu, it was like a dream. Mallam Ibrahim was beside himself with joy.

Ibrahim was a respected man in the community with a well groomed daughter whose beauty transcended that of a typical Arab princess. Call Safiya his reason for living and you will not be far from the truth. He made sure she lacked nothing and grounded her well in his Islamic religion. She had the best of both Islamic and western education too.

He lost his darling wife Khadijat, during Safiya’s birth. If he had been as wealthy as he presently was, Khadijat would still be alive. A few complications arose after the safe delivery of the child but he was unable to raise the required money. He watched in pain as life slowly ebbed out of the only woman he loved.

He had remarried two other wives after the death of Khadijat but none of them could fill the void left by his late wife. The two wives tried so hard but neither could take the place vacated by Khadijat. When they knew their efforts would always be futile, they stopped trying and resorted to fate. They both had children of both genders but whenever Ibrahim saw Safiyat, the other children paled into insignificance. She was like a reincarnation of his Khadijat, the woman who made him know what it means to be devoted to another.

As a way of keeping Khadijat’s memory alive, Ibrahim made sure Safiyat did not lack anything. He actually made sure whatever she might need was available before she requested for it. The bond between father and daughter was so strong that anyone who needed his favour only needed to convince Safiyat who in turn would put in a word for such person.

Being a lover of education, and a teacher himself, Mallam Ibrahim made sure all his children had access to Arabic and western education. He employed a private tutor for them all but still went ahead to employ a special one for Safiyat, the apple of his eyes. He often bragged to friends that his daughter would be a woman of influence and substance.

Things however changed when the marriage thing came into place. With Safiyat soon to be on her way to the palace, her access to people, especially her Maalim was restricted. Her Arabic and Quranic studies had to take a back seat while a female tutor was sent from the palace to groom her in royalty. Ibrahim asked the Maalim to stop his classes but he noticed Safiyat’s displeasure and sadness.

“I’m proud of this girl, she values education. If this is the only thing I will do for her before she relocates to the palace, I have to get it done”, Mallam Ibrahim thought, as he always sought to make sure his daughter’s life was a happy one. He went as far as striking a deal with her husband-to-be so as to have her continue her education under the tutelage of her male teacher. Part of the terms was that the husband could change the teacher if he was not satisfied with his wife being taught by another man.

He was not disappointed with the moodiness he noticed in Safiyat. He understood that after him, her Maalim was the next person she could relate with very easily. He saw her hesitation to the change but he wrote it off as marriage induced anxiety and continued grooming her for royalty.

Safiya had a gentle looking mien that was obvious and good carriage that was a distinguishing feature. Mothers used her as an example when scolding their kids, urging them to be like “Mallam Ibrahim’s daughter”.

She would never raise her head to look into the eyes of elders. Whenever she had the rare chance to be with her peers, she sat gently without talking much. She would easily compete with the dove in terms of gentility.

After the introduction to sexuality shortly after her fifteenth birthday however, a new side of Safiyat evolved. There was the desire for more each time and she literally grew insatiable. She still maintained her calmness but she was something else whenever it was time for her tutorials with her Maalim. He made sure she learnt ‘all’ there was to learn. Whenever the desire arose, she had a way of making sure it was satisfied to the fullest.

Back to the present, as she stood in the inner recess of her husband’s chamber in the  Emir’s palace, waiting for the crown prince , she was scheming a way out of her dilemma when the sound of his  movement towards the door started getting closer. His coming should be music but with her state of mind, it was nothing but an assault to her ears. Judgment Day was upon her and there was no Maalim to face the music with her. They were two when the act was committed, now she has to face the result of her misdeed alone in no other place but the shadowy sanctum of the Emirate.

“Safiya”, Shehu called her name as he entered the chamber and walked up to her. On his face was a smile, the kind which was enough to make a virgin melt like chocolates in contact with blazing heat of the sun.

“I hope my disgrace won’t start tonight”, she thought as she smiled weakly; a cheap attempt as her lips wobbled, unable to stay put.


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29 Responses to DECEPTION 2

  1. moskeda says:

    Oh well, now that they’re together, they can help each other. No shaking. Na just to talk true and keep their secret secret.
    Beautiful work here, Isaac

  2. Paul says:

    Guess d prince ‘ll b disappointed!

  3. modupsneb says:

    Hmmmmm,real Deception,let’s see how it goes as the plot thickens.good job

  4. Ablad says:

    Shebi the two of them get issue. Na the game of “Who gets caught first”. Dear Safiya, if you know what “haram” means, play well o.

  5. Bimbo says:

    Ooops. Sefiyat playing with Fire! Somebody should please get the fire fighters.

  6. Isaacola AA says:

    straight face and finger cross waiting for ebinpejo lane abi name Alaba for next episode.

  7. Lumi says:

    we all seem to be in a hurry to see what happens to ‘Sefiyat’..the prince has his issues too you know and the onus is on him to bring out a blood-stained handkerchief. Now how can you do that if the ‘soldier cannot salute’ ?…Oga Isaac na you get the answer !!!

  8. sirrvictor says:

    Hehe.. Loving this series.. They shud sha find out how they would sort themselves out. Buh i sense some extra-odinary things happening… Nice

  9. abikoye says:

    The next episode will thrill me more.

    Wonderful is all I can say.

  10. agunbiade olusegun caleb says:

    Pls when is the concluding part coming out!!! Can’t wait!! Are we going to call this deception or test of true? Virgin lady or a peaceful home? Several thoughts running right!! In all I pray God blesses us with a peaceful n happy home!!!

  11. itunu says:

    Hmmmm #fingerscrossed for now both even when dy both decide to keep d secret, aw should the prince go about his condition , #chaiii

  12. itunu says:

    Hmmm prince case is exceptionally gbenge oooo

  13. Kunle Ade says:

    Another story full of suspense !! Safiyat is a already ‘a broken a pot’ . Everyone will feel dissapointed. Or wait o o! Hope this is not a dream again o???

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  16. Lolade says:

    How will a mariage between a sexually insatiable person and an impotent person work? Hmmnnn.. *fingersstillcrossed*

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