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The look on Safiya’s face was a combination of confusion, agitation and shock.

One million telepathic messages passed between the couple without any verbal communication. She sighed heavily and collapsed on the royal bed like a sack of produce.

Still shell shocked, she sat up and tried to pull herself together. Her composure at that point was actually a surprise to her because the Safiya she knew would have betrayed emotions.

Wearing a straight look which was devoid of any expression whatsoever, she managed to get up. The passion he had roused in her earlier while they took a bath was now distant memory, replaced by a feeling she could not find a name for.

“*Me ya faru maigida na?”, she said in a quivering voice as she stood in front of him and tilted her face to look into his eyeballs for the first time ever.

She was still a bit panicky as she carried out the bold act of looking into his face. It was against custom to stand face to face with her husband but she could not care any less. Added to that flagrant disregard for custom was reality that Shehu would never do beyond what he did to her earlier. He could only start, not finish the ‘job’.

“Be careful girl”, a voice said to her from far away. There was very loud silence as the duo stood toe to toe and swam in each other’s eyes. Each was lost in different thoughts, trying to process the reality that just dawned.

“So this Prince as good looking as he is can’t make a woman feel ‘high’ as Maalim always says. This means Maalim is a blessing. Of what use is a man whose ‘down there’?”.

“Are you any better? You’re not intact too”. It was that voice that warned her earlier that was again interrupting her thoughts yet again, triggering guilt and adding to her ill feelings.

Shehu was trying to process how to present his defence rationally before she became hysterical.

“Turn the tables against her by accusing her of not being woman enough to arouse me? That’s not proper, she’s not to make the move. Come clean and explain my predicament and solicit her cooperation? That sounds better but I can’t stake my pride. The info I have should be beneficial fa!”.

He was a bag of jumbled thoughts, thoughts that were flying in different directions in his mind. Clearing his throat noisily, he placed a hand on her naked shoulder and spoke.

“**Gaskiya, akwai damua, ***ba’a lafiya…”

Before he could finish the sentence, all her pent up emotions gave way and she shrieked with a high pitched voice, tears streaming down her face in a heavy rush.

Outside the window, there were cheers as the young men outside high-fived each other in celebration, mistaking her shriek as the breakthrough in tearing the hymen.

The whole palace was alerted and there was a buzz everywhere. They were expecting him to come out and display the blood stained handkerchief to seal the induction of the new bride into the womanhood of the Palace.

Hearing the joyful celebration and what it meant, Shehu knew he had to act fast. He closed the little gap between them and grabbed her by the neck.  She let out a whimper as she wondered what came over him. Her feeble resistance was nothing compared to the brute force with which he held her neck so she gave up struggling with him and looked terrifyingly into his blood shot eyes.

“I know about you and your Maalim Safiyat”, he said and let her off his grip. She went limp with shock and fear. A sardonic smile played on his facial feature as he walked away from her and sat on his reading table.

“I have information of what has been going on between you before you were betrothed to me and afterwards. That is why I settled for you when my father suggested you as my wife”, Safiyat stood speechless and scared stiff as she tried to place how her escapades with her Maalim came to Shehu’s knowledge.

“We can help one another”, he added as Safiya sunk into the bed in absolute shock, dejection and surprise.

*Me ya faru maigida na? (Hausa) – What happened my husband?

**Gaskiya akwai damuwa (Hausa) – Truthfully, there is a problem

***Ba’a lafiya (Hausa) – I’m not well


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19 Responses to DECEPTION 4

  1. modupsneb says:

    Ghen ghen…tables are turned now…

  2. benjamin says:

    You are putting me in suspense too much. I heartbeat is so fast that I could not wait but to read this. Pls,when will you conclude this cus personally am eager to see the end. Nice work my brother. Thumb up for you.

  3. Bimbo says:

    Who let the dogs out? Woo Woo… Safiya yaaf enter another Combo!

  4. itunu says:

    Yeparipa, safiyat iyaf enter am ooooo, na wa ooooo

  5. Abikoye says:

    Now the drama just begun….

    I read twice to pretend this piece is longer than the way it is.

    I see a blood shed arrangement coming up. One against the societal reasoning.

    Enjoyed every word.

  6. Isaacola AA says:

    Odikwna serious o. Safiya ala Shehu drama.

  7. Isaacola AA says:

    She enter two chance , sorry one chance.

  8. titata says:

    I enjoyed every bit. Good job.

  9. Paul says:

    Suspense is gettn too mch ooooo. Gaskia!

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