Within an hour, an “unofficial” memo had gone round the television station announcing my appointment. Friends and foes milled around me to say their congratulations.

Only God knew what was running through the minds of many of those that had never wished me well while I was an intern. Some could not hide their disdain for me due to my very good relationship with my boss. Some others were simply envious as they did not have the kind of access I had to my boss.

Such people had used my ‘staffing’ to became instant friends with me that day as they congratulated me. One of them who is the Personal Driver of the Director of Programmes also went a little further to tell me how they had discussed the “crazy lifestyle you and your oga live”.

Most of their postulations were totally wrong. I needed to get him to spill more from whatever they had talked. So off we went to the bar. Two uniced bottles of ‘the Honourable’ and his mouth was running. If I ask him one question, he would answer five. Of course, they were just wild guesses that they concluded was right.

I was getting pissed by his alcohol induced talk and was about exiting when some ‘party organizers’ showed up. “We don dey find you nah”, one of them said as he brought out a sachet of gin and put one on d table.

One of them who was the office Dispatch Rider quickly volunteered to take me to the ‘party’ venue, our jedi and pepper spiced ponmo joint. I was thanking my stars that day’s assignment had bulky “returns” as those people would have made me a debtor and ruined my reputation.

We arrived and as I settled with a few pieced of the spicy ponmo, the Dispatch Rider took off again with the jedi woman. Within few minutes he arrived with the local beverage gin seller with another bike speeding behind him carrying the seller’s daughter with another big bowl containing bottles of these drinks in different colours and flavour.

Needless to say that I already knew that these people had “run” me down financially for that day. I was only praying that there would be enough cash to cover my transportation fare back home after the official and unofficial office “activities” for that day.

Inside me I was greatly trouble while the “Sepe” woman was smiling and bubbling. She had hit some kind of jackpot that day. Her daughter, who was in on the skin bleaching thing like her mother, was busy serving the beverage while her mother was taking the orders for peppered sauce meat. While my pocket was crying for a saviour, the drinkers were grooving and working their livers up.

As the groove got heavier, one of the party planners had called to one of his fellow revellers to go bring his vehicle so as to supply music. My last day as an intern was becoming very interesting. Perceived enemies were closing ranks and new friends were being made over our jedi and pepper-spiced ponmo.

Best part was the arrival on the scene by my oga with four babes in tow. Three of the ladies were well known. One of them had looked down me also due to her ‘parole’ with Mr. Oga while the two others were also interns. The fourth was a new one.

They all joined the party and made some “inviting comments” while saying their congratulatory message. My Oga will always be a wonderful man. He ordered for as many bottles of the ‘Big Honourable’ and in his short speech said “this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. He then ordered the new female intern to “go keep his company. He is a great man”.


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Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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3 Responses to OFFICE LIFE 7

  1. dolareports says:

    Oya nw…let’s go *dancing* Enjoy d new ‘staffing’ nd d female intern…ur year double honour *wink*

  2. benjamin says:

    This your Oga must have enjoyed almost all the intern in your office. Well go to know you know the way to your Oga’s heart which is Honorable but hope you won’t be like him in future. Your Oga will surely die soon cus of all this evil acts

  3. Isaacola AA says:

    My beloved son in whom I am well pleased indeed!

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