So the time ticked- minutes into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months and its another year again, the Almighty has looked down favorably on the man who sired me, and two other young men.
There is a little promise I made you Dad, and if you remember, it is that I will celebrate you in writing as much as I can. This is because you have believed in my ability to put down words, and you are the very first English Language teacher I had.
I won’t forget in a hurry the bet we had when I was to write English Language in my O’Levels. You told me I would not score an A but I could score a B. I argued but it ended that way. I remember it is a crime to ‘gbagaun’, its totally unforgivable. That was the starting point for the writing ability myself and my sibs have. Thanks for that lovely foundation Baami.
With you, one does not need a lesson in love and loving. Love is a life you live. You go out of your way in loving sef. The kind of love you have shown Momma and the boys is just beyond writing. I remember vividly how you deny yourself many things to make us happy. I won’t ever forget you dropping your car with us in Ibadan, while you worked in Ilaro. All that was to ease our movement. Many would not have done that back then. Thanks for the love you and Momma have showered on us, its enough for folks around us to see it in the way me, Yinka and Nifemi live.
As News Editor at the now ‘dead’ Sketch Press Limited, I knew the fact that you are generous to a fault. Dad got hampers as Christmas gift regularly then and while other ‘ogas’ kept their hampers, my Dad would share the contents of 5 out of 6 hampers, and go ahead to give someone the basket as another gift. Those were lessons in generosity, something to learn from you old boy.
Hardwork, and hardwork yet again. I have seen people who don’t mess around with what they do and in you Dad, I have one. Another person whose very serious approach to work pushes me is the patriarch of the Babalola clan, Pastor Ade Babalola. Whenever you had nothng to do other than rest, you were still looking for something to engage you. I see fulfilment in you when you push yourself hard and I am proud of you.
Joke with my Dad about anything but don’t mess with time. In the days when keeping to time has become something from the dark ages, my father won’t be friends with you if you aren’t time conscious.
I know people who took off when they heard their father approaching when we were growing up. Baami has never been like that. In him, we have a friend and father; our friends have a friend and father. Highly accommodating and very friendly, I have not seen him look down on anyone. That has been a guiding principle whenever I want to get hostile or condescending. Dad will tell you “respecting someone doesn’t take anything away from you”.
I could go on and on but on behalf of Momma and my brothers, Yinka and Nifemi, we’d like to let you know we love you, and we celebrate you as you add another year today. Like you always say while we were kids, “the young shall grow” to which we replied while flexing our tiny muscles, “the old shall wax stronger and stronger”. We pray you shall wax stronger and stronger, while we your young ones shall keep growing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAAMI, emi gigun ati alafia.


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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7 Responses to BAAMI!

  1. Isaacola AA says:

    Big happy birth date to the dad of life. For being a good father to a good friend I saw I love you. Some fathers are lion of the tribe of their family while others are friend of their family.

    Ummm I pray my three boys will be able to glowingly speak about me like this.

  2. Adewale says:

    …..great Uncle you are Bra ‘Sakin. Proud you were there for me too at the formative stage of my life. With love you grew me……When you were teaching at Origbo Community High School, Ipetumodu, with much enthusiasm I always look forward to come and spend my holiday with you. I was just a pupil at St Michael Anglican Primary school at Aba-Iwo now Aba-Ooni. There and then you started mentoring my grammar and I soon became a local champion in the village.

    When I got admitted to Luther King’s College, Ile-Ogbo, you were practically involved to see me get better grip of life. At the dot of completing my secondary education, the writer of the original article (oscarpoems) was born. It was an opportunity for me to pay back a little and Seye became my ‘son’.

    I enjoyed every bit of the ups and downs that we’ve shared together. Love you with my whole heart and wish you pleasant days… family inclusive

  3. olajideobe says:

    I’m so proud to be associated with someone in person of Seye. Seye is everything he is today cos of the values his old man instilled in him. Many hearty cheers to a good papa.
    God bless dad for us.
    Seye, Happy birthday to “baami re”

  4. Lumi says:

    There is no question about how great a father you are,you gave us ‘Oscar’,a bright and shining light.
    God bless you for us.

  5. adeola says:

    Hmmmm!9ce piece, omo a se iru e fun eyin naa o!!!more yrs ahead 4 daddy in gud health n wealth!

  6. Lois says:

    Awwwww….your dad is amazing

  7. Toyinfabs says:

    I love to hear about great fathers. God bless him

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