FA! (For Wale Fa)

MC Wale Fa strutting his stuff in Church

MC Wale Fa strutting his stuff in Church

“Who is this guy that is always cracking rubbish jokes sef?”
That was the question I asked when I saw Wale some seven years ago. To put it mildly, I did not like him at all. Yes, you read right: I DID NOT LIKE HIM AT ALL!!! He talked too much, BIG MOUTH like him. The only thing I know about him was that he came out of nowhere and became the name on every lip in Church, they called him ‘Wale Fa’, and everyone seemed to like him.
I asked why they call him that ‘lousy’ name and I was told it is because he adds the word ‘fa’ at the end of every verse of a very popular praise song then.
“e ba mi p’oruko re (fa)
Emini ti n’je emini (fa)
Oloruko nla (fa)…”
How we started getting close is one thing I honestly cannot remember at the moment. We just got close, we sha became buddies, and I can call him one more brother.
I have been blessed with my fair share of ‘Wales’ from my childhood. My first cousin who was more or less my second dad is a Wale, AdeWALE. There is the Wale with whom we had SeWa Productions (Se from Seye and Wa from Wale), that is AdeboWALE. There is the Wale that is my BFF, the one that has been my right hand person since Primary One. He is OlaWALE. He is the same Wale with whom I have become brothers, some even suggested that we are gay. That’s laughable, considering a lot of ‘ungay’ things we both do. Each Wale is unique to me in his own way.
Wale Fa is another OlaWALE but he is more WALE FA than OlaWALE. I know of people who lead lives of sacrifice and I can confidently say Fa is one of them. The big headed birthday boy of today will sell his comfort at no cost to make others feel comfortable. I have seen him do that many times and I wonder why he is just like that. On this occasion of your birthday, I ask that your sacrificial deeds shall be rewarded by the Almighty.
Being acquaintances with you over the last few years has been a very wonderful experience man. With you around me, I can say someone’s got my back. I could relax millions of miles away and trust you to get the job done. That’s how wonderful you are Wale. As you add this year mate, God will send angels to lead your battles.
In Church, Wale Fa is the ‘go-to’ guy to get many things done. I don’t know why everyone thinks he can get whatever they want done but he seems to get that done nine and half times out of ten, sometimes at great cost which he downplays. A very likable personality and one that has earned the trust of difficult and very detailed persons. This new year of yours will birth great things and dreams will come true for you in Jesus name
When I see the way this acquaintance that has become a friend puts his own issues aside to sort other people’s, I know dude’s a blessing. Fa has a way of working himself off to make sure people are happy. That is something worth emulating. Your good deeds are seeds you have planted Wale, you will live long enough to reap them by the grace of God.
He has built the Yesplanet brand over the years. He would arrange customized tops for programmes in Church to great success. There is the part of him that is called MC Wale Fa, compering events in different states of the federation with great effect. The times when he has had to anchor events and shows for almost free and peanuts without compromising on the standard of his delivery have given rise to now when he is well sought after. You are the reason many laugh Wale, you will continually be a source of joy to the world you live in. Laughter will not cease in your life my dear friend.
We have grown from being friends to brothers and we share very intimate details about one another. While taking stock one day, Wale said he wants to be a better family person. He told me he has not done well on that front. Today, I see him on the way of that so much desired improvement. My pal is doing much better on that front now, with loads of room for improvement still *winks.
As you add this year mate, I pray for you from the depth of me that all your heart desires shall be granted. I wish you as big and wonderful things as I wish myself, and as you wish yourself. You will always be the reason the world you live in smile, chuckle, grin and laugh.
Please help celebrate this wonderful young man while he still walks tall (in his short frame) among the living. I choose to celebrate you while you can read this. Like you told me a few days ago, “may we never know the value of one another”. I celebrate you friend, I rejoice with you, and I have told you to your face times without number, I LOVE YOU MAN. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE, GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU

Chatting away at a wedding

Chatting away at a wedding

my two good pals catch a joke after Wale handled a wedding reception in August (Lagos)

my two good pals catch a joke after Wale handled a wedding reception in August (Lagos)


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Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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9 Responses to FA! (For Wale Fa)

  1. jaybee941 says:

    Happy Birthday to him. Minister Wale Fa has been a blessing to people around him. big thumbs up to him

  2. Nasir Anuoluwapo says:

    Nice write up bro.Happy Birthday Minister Wale fa,we love you

  3. Jason Ellis says:

    Many years to come for Minister Wale Fa! No ones can put a good man down! cheers!

  4. Paul says:

    Oscar, I forbid u! I refuse 2 shed tears 4 dz short man. *(winks) Nice job man bt in reality, Fa deserves efri bit of wot u wrote coz dts d gospel truth.
    Fa, coz u luv to put smiles on folks’ face, u ‘ll always av reasons to smile efri blessed day of ur life. Congrats Fa mi (“In again naa’s voice”) With luv 4rm SPAC PROTOCOL UNIT!!!

  5. ttemmy says:

    Happy birthday WaleFa. Wish you many good years to come in health, success, peace wealth and all good things of life.

  6. Kunle Ade says:

    Happy bday MC Wale fa,more blessings in Jesus name.

  7. Wake fa! @Yes_Planet says:

    I don’t know what to say bro. I do not deserve this piece. But one thing I know is, you have the best vision where I am blind. Not ‘gay’ saying; I LOVE YOU BRO

  8. Wake fa! @Yes_Planet says:

    Whao! this guy must be a great man to deserve this great poem from another great man OSCAR, it’s good to be good. Happy Birthday Prof. sir!

  9. Whale Ogunwale says:

    After reading through, I had fight “Mr Internet” for denying me the opportunity of reading this before now. This write is beautifully written but that isn’t the main thing. The man in the centre of the prose is a very wonderful dude. Thank God I know him… He is a Friend!

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