HELL ALL OVER is a short story by Tope Lizbeth Adeagbo. The first of which was served last week. Here’s Part Two for your Friday enjoyment.
BEST MAN DUTY returns tomorrow.
Please enjoy today’s serving and use the comment box to tell us how you feel.
Few years back, she had asked her mum why she was sent to a boarding school and she had got the explanation that there was not enough time to tend to her needs owing to the nature of her mum’s job. Her doctor mother did not want to leave her with the maid most times due to the dangerous trend of in-house employees negatively influencing the children of their masters or mistresses. She adduced the reasonable point of not wanting her only child pass the night alone with the maid and the male house keeper when she had to be on the night duty.
Despite knowing what her mother was trying to guide against, Innocenta felt cheated, believing things would have panned out differently if she had a complete family. Imagine! She never even knew what her father looked like.
Most of the things she learnt about her dad, and even her mom were from her grandma. Grandma had done this so she could realize the extent of her debt to her mother who chose to keep her rather than have an abortion or drop her with her ‘useless’ father. She so wanted the girl to do well and behave herself as a payback for all her mum had suffered. Unknown to the old woman however, she was pushing her granddaughter down the path of guilt. All Innocenta saw in the stories were the fact that she was more of a burden. Not that she blamed those who told her those stories; it was just that they had given her a driving force, a self-motivational factor which had sort of turned her into a stiff collar among her peers.
She had in no way blamed her mother too, Innocenta only felt cheated out of a complete life. If not, why should she remain the only child of her mother? She was at an age when she questioned everything and she was doing it. Her diary was filled with diverse emotions and thoughts that could sink a ship. To worsen things, she had been so scared of relating with the opposite gender, and her sexuality was scaring the living daylights out of her.
She took her mind to the wedding, to each scene on that fateful day. She was so immersed in reliving the pain that tears almost spilled down her face. When she remembered that lady raising her hand that she was not in support of the wedding, she could hold it no more. Pain gripped her tiny heart and tears rode down her cheeks in triumphant accompaniment.
Though she would have loved to stay back as to be with her mum at that crucial moment, she had to return to school. Promotion examinations were to start soon and she had to partake and make sure of the expected progress. The thought of school however, made her shiver as she knew everyone in school would have heard the humiliating story. It was like her mum’s action had unwittingly dropped her back in hell, the hell she had previously struggled to escape from for five years.
She had felt like commanding the ground to swallow her alive rather than return to the school. Everyone at home was filled with pity for her mum and all they thought of was supporting her. At the end not an ounce of pity was left spared for her. Some people had even advised her to take good care of her mum. No one thought that peradventure she was suffering as much, or even slightly more than her mother. To them only her mother was a victim. But what of her, isn’t she more of a victim of a situation orchestrated by her mother?
Being in a school filled with all those rich and spoilt kids had not helped matters. The school had been buzzing with gossip about the infamous wedding when she got back. She even saw some students show themselves pictures from the wedding that were in soft sell magazines. She felt violated by the way they kept talking, pointing fingers at her and those horrible sidelong glances she had come to hate. It was pure hell, all over again.
How would she explain all these to Mrs. Lewis? That she was annoyed at everything and everyone for being denied a chance to grow normally? That there was that horrible fear of whether any man would ever love her without considering her background? Before the horrible incident, she had worked towards being made the Head Girl and Student President. This was a position for the best of the best student, which was deeply coveted by all students since their junior secondary school days. It was coveted because of the prestige associated and also because such a girl after her final exams would be given scholarship to further her education, wherever she desired.
Inno was selected with other prospective candidates and had taken two out of the three stages of required tests. The tests were necessary because most of the students were extraordinarily brilliant, and was done in stages as they disqualified candidates after each stage. However because of what had happened, she had not been able to concentrate on reading, neither had she completed her project. It was all so unfair, so unfair!!! She swallowed hard, forcing back the tears of self-pity that were threatening to spill again. Just then, Mrs. Lewis returned and brought sunshine to the gloomy atmosphere.
To Innocenta’s biggest surprise, the woman did not even ask her a single question. She only smiled and inquired if she enjoyed the meal. She even apologized for leaving her alone for such a considerably long time. Amazing still, the woman started chatting about things happening in the school. She spoke like someone sharing gossip with a colleague and not a troubled student but when they heard the sound of the bell, she told her to go. Inno was puzzled, puzzled but relieved all the same. She thanked the woman for the meal and silently left her office. Going back to the class, her heart became heavy once more, as she was sure most of her classmates knew why she was called into Lewis’s office.


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5 Responses to HELL ALL OVER #2

  1. Isaacola AA says:

    waiting for the end of this intriguing story…

  2. imotolab2014 says:

    TOO SHORT. WAY TOO SHORT. nothing happened nau. well sha….. since its still #2 i guess. but iz sha ojoro.

  3. phredoh says:

    I reserve my comment till next week.

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