See, Kiddo can pose ehn!

As today approached, that feeling of joy and happiness came again. Just so you know, we are so proud and happy to have you kiddo. Your arrival on November 30 some years ago ushered in untold joy for Mum and Dad, immeasurable excitement for Yinka and I and all manner of positives.

da footballer

As a kid, he immersed himself in football. Nifemi wanted to play footie professionally. We all grow up, and with the growing up came the change in ambition

When folks say “this kid bro of yours is the finest among you all”, I smile. Those who know are not oblivious of how long it took you to join us. We wanted a sister and you came as another boy, that is why Dad called you Boluwatife. I still remember that Mom shopped for stuff for a girl child. The good looks you have is what I always relate with “the glory of the latter” which always “surpasses the former”.


Did i not mention something about being a ‘poser’, dude adds ‘photogenecity’ to it

When it has to do with family, I get very emotional. With you kiddo, I have no apologies remembering the days gone by. You are a blessing Nifemi. Days there were when we shared one phone and you as a ten year old saved up to buy yourself a phone only to give to Yinka. That was not one-off because you repeated the same thing with Mom. Those nice acts of yours mean you deserve to be spoilt when the need arises.

I don’t think you can hear enough of us telling you we are proud of, love and daily celebrate you. Words are what they are to some but in our family, you know every word spoken means exactly what it means. Our good words mean what they convey, they go far beyond paying lip service or ‘buttering up’ as one of my friends will say.

pst d

Happy birthday Pastor Wole, God’s blessings today and always

Greatness means you shared the day with a few other wonderful folks. There is Dr. Jumoke Ogunmola, one who has crossed the border of being a family friend to being a sister. Dr. Jummy, we love and celebrate you as well. There is Pastor Wole Dosumu, our cousin’s husband who has also at different times been more than just an in-law.


And you Dr. Jummy, your best days are here. Always an open toothed smile. Call her ‘she-smiler’

Happy birthday to you all November 30 babies.

As you add this year kiddo, go forth and make more impact. Know for sure that we solidly support you to scale heights which we have not reached. You can be sure however that you have people to look to as inspirational forces. We believe in your ability to make us prouder of you than we already are.

The challenge before you Oluwanifemi is that we are not resting, so aim higher than we ever will get.

Daddy calls you Bee Bee, he loves you.

Momma loves and celebrates you daily

You and YINKA did not get along from the start and you are now great buds, he loves you too and I can confidently tell you he does not joke with matters concerning you.


Here we do the brothers’ act as we celebrate kiddo. Best wishes brother

I would not be able to convey in words, all that I feel for you Knifey. I love you through and through, and I don’t ever think anything’s gon’ change that.

Happy birthday Kiddo.

We celebrate you Nifemi, and we celebrate as well, Dr. Jummy and Pastor Wole. God bless and keep you fam.


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Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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  1. lawrence says:

    Happy Birthday to our very own brother Nifemi. May your path shine bright forever more than diamond. Much love

  2. ttemmy says:

    Happy birthday dear. My crush that doesn’t know. Trust seye knows….*smiles*.
    Have fun dear.

  3. Bello Adewunmi says:

    Happy birthday Kiddo…. Cheers! Sly.

  4. Paul says:

    What a sublime luv!!! Api b.dai Nife. Go $ make d family proud in all perspective of life. Emi aso po e!!!

  5. jaybee941 says:

    Happy birthday bff….cheers

  6. amarachi uwazie says:

    More grace kiddo n all. I join to celebrate u long life n more fruitful yrs ahead. Seye I always wish to ve someone lik u close to me.#wink# The world wil celebrate you specially for celebrating the Babies( nov). U ar a bomb.

  7. amarachi uwazie says:

    More grace kiddo n all. I join to celebrate u long life n more fruitful yrs ahead. Seye I always wish to ve someone lik u close to me.#wink# The world wil celebrate you specially for celebrating the Baby( nov). U ar a bomb.

  8. Isaacola AA says:

    Nifemi I know that u know thhat u are loved. HBD

  9. Cynthia says:

    Woah….so touching…uncle seye you are best big brother ever..HBD NIFEMI

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