This has been captioned the way it is because I am bereft of ideas about titling this reflective piece. Okay, let’s say this is not going to be creatively titled or well written, so you can forgive me. Tankiu feli mashhhh.

So the year started with loads and tons of promise and lived up to the initial hype. I put in a lot of hard work and got rewarded for it. I celebrated landmarks, got blessed by people I was not expecting anything from, blessed those who would not think of it, a lot of good news and very many bad news especially towards the end, particularly in December. Make no mistake though, I got some massive disappointments.

I did not know I was still capable of having a crush on someone. 2014 I had a crush on someone, there was the mutual crush with someone (you are reading this and you know) and there were those crushes on me that were just crushes, and maybe … (fill that in).

I forged bigger, better, more profitable and more symbiotic relationships with some friends, old and new; and I one way or the other lost the conviviality and the feel good that being with some friends brought. Do not blame me, they simply got new friends and there was re-alignment. In 2014, I knew what the real meaning of the words ‘friend’ and ‘acquaintance’.

I really am trying hard not to mention names in this piece but I am not so sure I can do that successfully.

Family was the first driving force in everything I did. I am blessed with one of the best persons anyone can have as parents and sibs; ones who would never leave you to face the world alone.

Once they knew what my major plans for the year were, they stuck their necks for me showing support all the way. Mom and Dad were always asking if I had done one thing or the other, my brothers were always showing concern.

Then there is Seye, the old classmate and friend who has become a brother, confidant, aproko paddy and business partner. We together embarked on journeys as we sought to advance in all things. Together we fell, together we rose from the ashes of our failures; as a team we failed, as a team we succeeded. I was sure of a good morning, a jibe at me, a good night and whatever form of greeting. Thanks for being there brother, God bless and keep you for me and for us all.

Together with Ese my personal person, we tagged this year one of success. That explains the #TeamSuccess I carried on my BBM from January through December. Thanks for that dear.

In 2014, I reached a milestone. I was excited, very well so. To celebrate it, a friend and sister I have made in the last two years paid for the cake. Now wait for it, I have not met her before as we forged this relationship on twitter. Thank you dear Habukia. God bless you richly.

My cousins brought forward a proposal to make me live and improved life, and followed through with it with action and cash. God bless you real good fam. I understand a lot more what life is with well meaning family members around. I appreciate you guys.

Lawrence, I thought the bond of friendship we forged would be affected by your relocation. Instead, distance has made us grow in friendship and as confidants. Our regular interactions despite the time difference, the shoulder we gave one another, the jokes and gists…I can’t mention it all. God bless you bro, you were a blessing all year. Like you said, let’s make 2015 better.

Highlights of my year came in the second half of the year. Very challenging part I must confess but I here declare that I have emerged a conqueror. Let me share a little and reveal the lessons I learnt from each experience.

The first came from my application for a business grant. All looked set for success and as if it was timed to compensate for some mistakes made by people who should send a document which had the first project of the year, my business plan scaled the first stage. With my name sake, friend and business partner, we were thrilled. Unfortunately however, our application fell at the second stage. We did not make the final draft. We almost were disconsolate but another plan was in the pipeline that made that less painful.

Lesson from that was that we stood firm, refusing to be discouraged. We never say never till the fat woman calls *winks*

Next was my Dad’s medical challenge. What seemed a minor muscular issue ended up looking like stroke. All these were shortly after his birthday during which I made sure friends and folks called or sent him a message. While he was on his sick bed, I saw some people who I least expected show him loads of love. Many called, some did not even bother or notice that he was not seen regularly.

Lessons learnt. Some only stay around because of what they will get from you.

A few close ‘friends’ for whom I have made heavy sacrifices did not even show that they were concerned. Thanks for always asking Ayobola, thanks for the fruit mix Seye, thanks for the visits Wale Fa, thanks and more thanks to many others whose names I cannot mention. I again refreshed my memory to not expect anything from anyone. One more lesson is to celebrate people while they are alive. He felt absolutely loved by the calls and messages he got from his children’s friends and family.

Late September, I was on the night shift in my place of work when birds were stolen. I was oblivious because I was in another office, being the head of the shift. I was called from home when the issue became a full blown wahala. After five days of drama, the whole team got the sack, except me. Different reasons were given for not sacking me but I knew it was God at work

At the end of it all, it was the God factor that saw me through. People put in a word or two for me, many vouched for my integrity, many had one or two things to say about me. My Manager took the battle to the Management and I was reinstated.

I learnt to keep doing whatever it was that I was doing. To stay level headed and respectful to all colleagues: superiors, contemporaries and subordinates.

Two days after my resumption, death came calling. This particular occurrence trumped any other I might have had before now. It still remains fresh in my memory. How the motorbike I was riding with one of my colleagues slipped in front of a truck remains a mystery.

Within a microsecond, the guy whose name I won’t mention was under a moving truck. I was crawling away from the approaching truck and screaming that the guy had been crushed. There was a commotion within seconds but while I was almost shouting myself hoarse, my colleague under the truck came out, and wait for it…ABSOLUTELY UNHURT!

Why was he not crushed to death? How did I manage to be back on my feet before the truck got to me? How did death not rejoice over us? How did we not sustain injuries like what happens in other motorbike accidents? How? How?? How???

Dude called me when he got home that evening and asked me in Yoruba if I was sure he was still alive. He said he asked because he was not sure if it was not his ghost that was doing what he was doing. He could not comprehend being under a moving truck and coming out from there without the smallest scratch and subsequently internal injuries.

I updated my BBM Personal Message to read “the microsecond between life and the other side. #iLive #Thankful”.

I learnt big time that there might be no time to say goodbye to those we claim to love and cherish; that there might be no time to say goodbye to family, friends, acquaintances and others we hold close.

What if I had died on October 2nd? I would almost be forgotten by now but Seye lives not because I will not die one day but because my assignment remains unconcluded and God has been kind enough to not hand it over to someone else and call me home.

I cannot put it all in this piece but thanks to THE ONE who owns my life, THE ONE who snatched me from the jaws of death, THE ONE who gave me another chance to live without taking the one he gave me.

All the occurrences in September and October were when I was waiting for the result of the next expected plan. The result came and it did not end in my favour. Then a change I was not expecting at work came with it.

I was pissed, yes I was angry but I remembered a few things that happened after my own escape. An old friend from my high school days died in an accident barely three weeks after I escaped death with minor scratches. More unpleasant news and all and I knew the next thing to do was to be thankful.

From my near death experience, I learnt that death could come at any time. I have always known we don’t know our last goodbyes but that reminded me again. I learnt that there might be no chance to say goodbye to the person you have been ignoring and keeping malice with. I learnt many people care that I am alive. I learnt some don’t care if you die, they simply move on to the next like you never happened.

Thanks to THE ONE who keeps me safe at all times. I do not take his mercies for granted. I appreciate the privilege to pen this note, even if its not quite the way I want.

What if I had perished on October 2nd? What if I had been thrown out of my job? What if my Dad had not recovered from that illness? What if things have worked well only to turn against me later?

I’ll close with Wale Adenuga’s lyrics “I’m so grateful Lord, for the gift of Life…”
Please join me by dropping your comments below…


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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17 Responses to MY 2014…OF TOO MANY THINGS

  1. Agunbiade Olusegun Caleb says:

    What more can we say? What more can we do ? Thanks to Jehovah, in All we say thanks to Jesus!!!! 2015 coming with Greater testimonies

  2. Raji Olayinka says:

    This year is a special one, full of events.
    All said, unsaid nd done im happy we are still here saying thank you Lord. Looking forward to a better 2015. Congrats friend

  3. Isaacola AA says:

    It was a wow year indeed. Thank God for keeping us through the year.

    Indeed your assignment is yet uncompleted therefore you cannot die yet. Thanks for being just YOU

  4. InsideOut says:

    That mili, microsecond in between. May we earn only good Karma to help pull us out of the bad places life throws us. Amen. God bless you Oscar

  5. akinade says:

    Thank God we got through the ups and downs. An adage says he who fights and runs away, leaves to fight another day. We ve learnt so much lessons in d year that is ending and i pray 2015 will be a year a year of remarkable and outstanding success in all dat you do. Am moved with this write up cos i wasn’t really there for you. Am so sorry and sincerely sorry. Get higher and bigger in 2015. i promise to right my wrongs. You are one of d best my guy.

  6. ttemmy says:

    Thank God for the gift of life. Many started the year but some are no more but all thanks to God Almighty for sparing our life, for all success and failures, life and death, and for everything. And with the few hours left in 2014 may no evil befall us in Jesus name.
    And that’s my best boy of life. Gracias

  7. Oscar, thanks for the piece. We all need to be grateful. We often at times think we deserve to be alive but it is by His grace. The whirlwind of this world is very dark, if only we could open our eyes to see what goes down, we would be amazed.

    I also think everybody needs a micro-second. That instant where you can actually see where you would be in a flash and coming out of it. Mind blowing.

  8. Paul says:

    Hmmmmm… Fnk God 4 u $ dad’s lives, dz article is so touching coz am nt aware of most of dz finz bt fnk God u overcame. Conclusively, GRACE started year 2014 with us, refused to abandon us even when we broke protocols $ ensured we got to d finish lane untouched. We are products of His GRACE!

  9. Deniksgal says:

    Which of d favors of ye lord will ye deny! Thank God 4 everything dat happened both good n bad cos u re still alive to share d story.

  10. Lanre Amoo says:

    What à touching note. I’m sorry I’m not one of those caring friends. I have learnt a couple of lessons via this post and I desire to put them to use to be a better friend and get another perspective about life. 2015 will definitely be a great year full of God’s exceeding grace and mercies. My regards to dad, mum, yinka and the baby of the house. Cheers.

  11. tabitha says:

    Are u kidding me? U had a ghastly accident? I didn’t observe?! Gosh! I will deal with me later. But thank God you are still here bro. and yea, I join you in blessing God’s name for all *hugs*

  12. phredoh says:

    congratulation! I rejoice with u sir. thank God for overcoming all the tribulations that came across u this year.
    devil is a liar, u will surely live and achieve all works been given to u by God.

  13. lizflyus says:

    Divine grace in 2015, remember we are dangerous twins and some will say we gay, but I will rather say with you in bad times than good times, much love bro

  14. Cynthia says:

    SOOO touching..*crying*
    Am so sure uncle seye will cry while writing this.
    All thanks to the Lord

  15. amarachi uwazie says:

    Am glad God kept you. So many thought in my mind nw hw I wud ve felt to hear d urgly news. I thank God for His mercy n Grace that kept you within and afta d trials n depression. I remain grateful to God.

  16. jaybee941 says:

    Through Ups and Downs, His mercies endureth forever

  17. Ogunwale Adenike says:

    Hmmmm…if the Lord has not been for us, what then can our Isreal say? Thanks be to God for all the victories.

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