So I got this blog’s 2014 annual report from WordPress a few days ago and it looked something worth sharing. Before I go on to do that, I should appreciate everyone who made the year 2014 one to remember on the blog.

The year was to start on a very slow note due to the busyness on my day job and a little bit of that evil thing that affects those of us who do a little bit of writing. Lumi (@lumi_slim) however told me he had something to share and he got us underway with his four-episode Orekelewa. Bimbola Adebayo (@bunmi_bimbola) also ran Office Life while a few other posts added up to give a total of 53 new posts. I appreciate you guys, thanks for your inputs.

We also had Isaacola A.A (@newnaija) as a guest. His story, DECEPTION ran in the early part of 2014. Episode 7 of the story gave us the highest traffic in the year with 995 views. That was on June 16th 2014 which also doubled as the busiest day of the year. Appreciation to my wonderful encourager, Isaacola A.A. (@newnaija) for that serial.

Dayo Alajiki (the one I call Best Girl) encouraged me to make a story out of weddings I have recently attended and that birthed my first serial, BEST MAN DUTY. I was going to write six episodes before posting but Ayobola Raji (@RAyobola) arm twisted me into starting the serial on September 13th. Huge thanks to you two who ended up as important parts of my 2014, beyond the writing part of things.

The longest streak on the blog was between December 5th and 6th and the best days on the blog were Saturdays. It is no coincidence that BEST MAN DUTY was a Saturday affair.

Huge thanks to everyone for the comments. It would not be out of place to mention the top five commenters on Oscarpoems blog for 2014. We had IsaacOla A.A (@newnaija), Lumi (@lumi_slim), Bimbola (@bunmi_bimbola), Paul (@Paul_Ogogo) and Titata (I call her Mama Tee) as our top 5 on Oscarpoems in 2014. I would not fail to say thanks to others like Sally (@moskedapages), @baracutie04, Adenike Ogunwale, @alapala01, @Yes_Planet, @topeabiiba, @cynthiaurie, Tabitha and a whole lot of others who regularly urge me on with their comments. Of course I would also appreciate ghost readers and those who read on the blog and discuss what they read on BBM. Big ups to you too.

Many referrals Oscarpoems got in 2014 came from Twitter and Facebook. However, thanks must go to Sally (@moskedapages), the boss lady at www.moskedapages.com; my oga IsaacOla (@newnaija) of www.isaacolanewnaija.com and of course Toyinfabs of www.toyinfabs.wordpress.com. Thanks for sharing links from here and referring people to read what we have.

I apologize to staunch supporters whose names I cannot mention. This has been a piece I started since December 31st but cannot finish due to commitments from the day job. Talk of a farmer never having holidays when others have. Of course, Dolapo (@kaygeegal) deserves loads of thanks for her patience with me. We’re gon’ do those stories this year bae. I remember I owe Alice (@emini_anoti) a collabo too.

Nothing planned for the new year apart from trying to get better with each piece. I am not a new year resolution person. I have goals but I take each day as it comes.

One thing is sure however, you will get to read stuff you will enjoy on here. Happy 2015 everyone, and don’t stop reading the things that disturb my brain that I try to write, and the stuff people get to share via this platform.

Hugs and Kisses everyone…xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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2 Responses to OSCARPOEMS IN 2014

  1. jaybee941 says:

    I no accept apology o…thanks ma big boss for all the piece you shared in 2014. Looking forward to a better 2015. #winks

  2. Cynthia says:

    Uncle seye don’t worry 2015 will be a great year

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