Momma, a lot of words heard have remained ingrained on my heart but some reverberate more than others. Dad always will say to us that he prays we find a wife like his’. This is one thing he has always said even before we could really understand the import of that statement.
Here we today celebrate another 365 days of God’s goodness in your life and we cannot but be grateful we have in you, the wife of four of us like Dad would always say. It is no doubt that you are our wife, Daddy’s wife; our girlfriend, our paddy, a wonderful woman of God, a Proverbs 31 woman and even more than I can write.
From you we have learnt the essence of living a life of sacrifice. Doing good even when its not as appreciated as it should be. Your good deeds have opened ways for us in ways than one, known and even unknown.
Your loyalty in the face of crippling challenges many years ago is one thing that defined the role of a wife and mother. With paucity of funds, you made sure we had what we should. Even in our lack of abundance in those days, you still parted with something for those who were not as blessed as we were. That is one thing that readily stays in memory. You stood as a rock while the family tried to stay afloat, till we got back up.
Sometimes we feel you do too much, what Yorubas would call ‘aseju’. Retrospectively however, we have understood that your supposed aseju is because you would never settle for less. You are always trying to make things as perfect as they can be, and for that I would never stop appreciating you. If I exhibit a bit of perfectionism, it comes from you.
Never will it be forgotten how you dressed us boys up back in the days. Our regular end of the year gifts as the neatest boy in our whole grade back in primary school was a way of paying you back for always making us look immaculately neat. Thanks for strictly adhering to the principle “cleanliness is next to Godliness”.
It is with pride that one can call you a wife that can keep the home front going in the absence of her husband. Years when Father was on transfer to different places, you made sure to fill in for him, doing your best to make sure his absence was not felt. With you alone, no controversies trailed you over any misdemeanour as seen in some people. Need I say more?
When many would frown and scare friends of their wards away, you welcome all with open arms. When our cousins dare not show their then partners-to-be to the world, you Mother are the one who hosted them and made them feel a part of the family. Happily, most of them are today married to the partners from back then. Even now, all friends are welcome not minding their gender, tribe or religion. Many can attest to that fact.
We grew wrapped in the love you showered on us from then till now. You and Dad will only advise, not enforce what you want on us. You both support us as we go on in different areas to make a mark. Your industry is one that cannot be overemphasized. Thanks for raising independent kids.
Let us close with the lines from the writings one of us once did for you:
“Mothers there are
Mother you are
And I so shudder
That you so matter”
Happy birthday Mom, we always would celebrate you. Emi gigun ati Alafia
Love from your boys…


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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  1. Paul says:

    She is an epitome of simplicity $ I appreciate dt a lot. She really deserve all the accolades $ even much more. Long live Iya Seye!!! Luv u ma.

  2. adeola arinola says:

    This is really awesome. She deserves more than that. I am one among those that can attest to the fact. Iya Babalola,Igba odun, odun’kan.

  3. Bello Adewunmi says:

    Happy birthday ma, igba odun, odun kan ni, it Was really fun being with her and Some of thé boiz yestday…..@Oscar, Wale,BJ & yinka, Thank you guys for d hospitality, i pray we do more of That in grand style in many more years to Come!!! Cheers

  4. Ogunwale Adenike says:

    Happy birthday mummy Babalola(iya Seye) , wishing long life in good health and prosperity.

  5. taiwo akiinade says:

    What an awesome write up. Many words cannot describe you mum. Am always happy whenever i have an encounter with you. We appreciate you today and always mum. You will live long for us ma. Happy bday to sweet mum. We love you

  6. akinade says:

    i can attest to so many of what seye said about you mum. You encouraged me to follow the path in which i know am good at. You are a wonderful mother. We pray that you live long to sit back and enjoy the fruits of ur labour. Apy bday ma

  7. Isaacola AA says:

    Igba odun, odun kan fun mama rere. Mama gbogbo wa.

  8. Deniksgal says:

    Happy bday to ur Mum, wish her more prosperous yrs in good health.

  9. imotolab2014 says:


  10. Wishing your Mom the very best of life ahead of her. She shall be alive for you to take her out to foreign countries.

  11. A good write-up you have there! Bless God your lives.. Momma boys!

  12. Ablad says:

    well, emi enjoy aunt mi gan ni o… and I have just begun the enjoyment from the mama who tolerates my many flaws while trying to correct them and my only link to the Babalolas… a family I can count on at all times… I love you mama and pray you live long to enjoy all that you’ve laboured for and God’s endless grace..

  13. MyNaijaThots says:

    Seye my man. U never told me that you re a writer as well. I just stumbled on this.
    Nice one there

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