Hello people, apologies we could not post this story last week. I am presently on holidays and was in a poor network zone. We belatedly bring you the third episode of Kaygeegal’s MY STORY AND MORE. Enjoy reading, and don’t forget to share and drop a comment.




After reading what was on the note, Bones set up a meeting with his Mentor.

“Are you surprised?” he chuckled and puffed grey smoke from his pouted lips. Bones stared bizarrely.

“Things like that happen all the time”, his mentor continued. “Its not new.”

Ahhaaa. Over surprise dey worry me o. Why dem dey kill themselves inside same party? Me dey think say na opposition party gimme the job now“.

Mentor laughed and spread his hands. “Welcome to politics.”

Hmmm but why he wan do something bad for him friend now?

That one still dey surprise me too“.

Mentor looked straight into his eyes “Tell me, who is stopping him from being the governor of this state?”

Bones shifted uncomfortably on his chair.

Hon. Akinlade, but no be say him dey stop am now shebi na people want him pass

Shey he no go win if Hon. Akinlade no show?

He go win nah

So wetin you dey talk? That’s why he needs to get Akinlade removed so that he can win.”

Wait o, na two weeks remain for election o.”

My guy, name no dey sell, na party dey do the magic. Let the ruling party bring in the dumbest candidate on earth, people go still vote am because of his party”, he sighed heavily.

“That’s true o. Hmm”

Mentor threw the stud of his just smoked marijuana wrap on the floor, a signal to leave. Bones understood and stood up.

“Thank you bro.” Mentor nodded.

“Watch out for seals on paper and any other means of communication. Some people will interact with you face to face while some never will” Bones smiled.

“Don’t stop learning English and add computer training to it”.

Bones stopped walking and Mentor was constrained to do the same. His confusion was evident when he spoke.

“Computer training? Why?”

“You need it, seriously if you want to thrive in this business.”

“Huh? OK.” they both exited the shaft.


The silence frightened him but then, wasn’t he a street boy? He had at different times slept on Lagos streets because there was no place to call home. He had learnt to walk softly without alerting anyone so as not to attract attention to himself.

It worked perfectly for him when he got to the company of Hon. Akinlade. His had been informed that there was an ongoing meeting that had dragged on and stopped the staffers from going home on time. Perfect timing!

He checked his phone for the information he had been waiting for.

“1-9-6 staff members. Note that Salau Alimi’s in-law works there and you have 5 minutes”

“Now this is complicated. My client’s in-law is in the building…what do I do?”, he mused.

A call to Mentor would take a longer time so he shrugged and continued towards the plant and machinery store. One of the security men on duty looked at him warily as he passed.

“Wait!”, the security called out to him, Bones froze.

“You didn’t fasten your safety boot properly and you know its dangerous to enter the plant with that carelessness. It is not allowed”

Bones smiled and nodded before bending down to fasten the boot properly. The security ensured that he did it accordingly before he left. A minute was lost. The store contained heavy machine and opened boxes of PVC were lined up at the end of the store.

“Oh the chosen candidate is not a saint after all”, he chuckled before facing the gas plant. “Here we go”.

He landed safety on the ground floor just in time before the rumbling of the building started loudly. He had exhausted the five minutes grace and dust had started clouding his vision.

“Just one minute. One minute please”, he prayed beneath his gas mask. The thundering sound of the collapsing building drowned the noise of scared people as they ran helter-skelter for safety.

Bones was escaping from the collapsing building when he heard the faint scream of a baby.

Oh no, I no fit kill baby join“, he thought and moved towards the sound…his gas mask was dusty and he could not see well. The sound was coming from the small relaxation hut beside the main building. He quickly removed the planks and baobab dried roof. Beneath was a lady covered with blood.

“Not a kid, good”.

Bones sighed in relief and turned to get out of the compound that was filled with people running in different directions trying to escape in the middle of creaking sounds of crumbling bricks and wood.

Her moan however drew him back to her. “Oh shit!”, he muttered.



The knock woke me. Soft, but loud enough in the middle of the night to wake me up.

“Knock on my door? C’mon that’s not possible. At least you have to pass through the gate, which I  locked before sleeping”, I mused.

“Damn!” I muttered when the sound came again. “Damn!!” because it was my phone that was making the ‘knock knock’ sound.

“Who da hell changed my ring tone?”, I asked no one in particular as I drowsily picked the call. I was jolted back to life when I heard Bones’ voice on the other end.

“I’m outside. Come and open the gate quickly”, he quipped

“What? Something must be wrong with my hearing”.

“Lola, please come out to the gate. I need your help.” He pleaded this time and I could notice the distress in his voice. That was abormal, it was unlike the Bones I know who always tried to speak like he had 10 wraps of marijuana in his system when he could not even smoke cigarette. The soft spoken, fear riddled end of his voice was activated. One thing was certain…Bones was in a mess.

“I’m coming.” I quickly picked the key from the shelf, ran out of my room, passed the sitting room and opened the main door without a care in the world. Just right in front of the gate however, I paused.

The ‘what ifs’ started running through my mind – “What if he was captured and held at gun point to come and help kidnap me? Or kill?” “What if I got raped?” “What if ‘they’ have acid with them?”

Lola, abeg open this gate now”, he called out to me through the peep hole on the gate. That jolted me out of my thoughts.

“Are you alone?” I asked.


My heart skipped instantly.

“I have a girl here who is bleeding seriously and needs help.” My heart continued working but I still picked his flawless sentence.

“This guy must have been trying to develop himself a bit more”.

What he said however came back like a flash- “bleeding?” “help?”. I immediately started fumbling with the padlock, key and gate. It clicked open and he rushed in with the bundle he carrying and ordered me to lock the gate immediately. I had so many questions in my head. They were coming like dice being thrown from different directions.

He had already laid the lady on the three-seater when I entered the sitting room. Her clothes were torn, dirty and stained with blood in different places. She needed a hospital theater, not my house.

“What’s happening Bones? What have you gotten yourself into?”

I tried not to raise my voice. I really tried because the scream that was threatening to escape my throat was louder than an earth shaking thunder during heavy rain pour.

“Calm down Lola”, he started, trying to come close and pacify me.

“Back off Bones and don’t frigging tell me to calm down. You brought a dead girl into my house and tell me to calm down.”

I unconsciously moved closer to him and beat his chest. “Tell me what’s going on.” He moved away from me and went to the cabinet as if I had not said anything.

“Call Lere…now”, he emphasized on the ‘now’.


“Please, stop asking what. Nor dey ask me yeye kweshun Lola. Just call your friend, the doctor. This girl needs help, she don dey kpai dey go“.

Not caring a bit about the lifeless form on the couch, I lost my tempo and turned my rage on him.

“Are you out of your mind Bones? What business have you gotten yourself into? Now I have to deal with God-knows-who? And who is teaching you English anyway?”.

“That…”, he pointed at the dying lady, “…is Hon. Akinlade’s daughter and I have been learning English of my line of…”

I cut him short when what he said made meaning to me. Wherever he was learning English language was of no importance at that moment.

“Wait! That’s Akinlade’s daughter? Akinlade the governorship aspirant?”

He nodded in affirmation. My scream finally let loose.

“Are you crazy? You want to get us killed? What are you…” The lady moaned and on impulse, we were both by her side. I ran into my room to pick my phone and call Lere, my doctor friend. The phone rang off the hook thrice but I persisted. He answered on the fifth dial.

” Lola?” His deep voice was gruffly,  and it pierced right into my brain, not ears.

“Lere, please come to my house now please.” I pleaded, half sobbing.

“What’s happening there? Do you realize that we are in the middle of the night?”

“Yes I know, I need your help. Somebody is dying here”.

“Who? Aren’t you the only one at home?”

“Yes. No. Errrm, yes but somebody is dying here” I wasn’t making sense and I knew it.

“Calm down and tell me what’s going on. I have a wife, I can’t just leave home in the middle of the night”.

“I don’t know…the lady is badly hurt”, I stammered.

“Which lady? What happened to her?”

“Gosh how can you doctors be so calm to ask stupid questions even in a case of emergency?”

Just then, Bones snatched the phone from me. I was oblivious of his presence.

“Doc, its Bones. I rescued a lady from a collapsed building. She is badly hurt and needs help immediately”, he said into the mouthpiece. “I can’t take her to the hospital, its complicated”, he paused and then added “…she is Hon. Akinlade’s daughter. I can’t risk it.”.

“I found her half buried under the collapsed building. Thank you and please tell no one, okay? Thanks”. He dropped the phone on the bed and turned to me.

“He will be here soon”, Bones said and went back to the sitting room. My head was just buzzing, my stomach was in a knot.

Bones was going to get us into trouble. He was cleaning the lady’s face with a wet towel when I entered the sitting room.

“Is she okay?” He looked at me as if I asked the dumbest question ever. I blinked. There was nothing to do, we had no medical knowledge in anyway so we had to wait for Lere.

“Tell me.”

“Tell you what?”, he asked, not taking his eyes off the lady’s as if his stare could retain her life.

“How did you get here Bones?”

” I took a bus…”

“That’s not my question. Whoever is teaching you English should have taught you…”

“Taught me to read minds?” He gave me that amusing stare again.

“I mean what happened, I want to know.”

“Babe, you know I can’t tell you….”

“Oh yes, you can. If you are going to drag me along with you to jail, I need to at least know why”.

“Okay, first of all, you nor dey go jail…”



He stared at his phone for what seemed like eternity after Bone’s husky “Thanks” ended the call. Only one word would fit now – LOST. He made for the fridge. A bottle of coke won’t be such a bad idea to calm his shooting nerves. He glanced over his shoulder, his wife laid there, far gone in the realm of sleep. She came in the previous day looking dead. She barely responded to his welcome greetings before crashing away.

He hurriedly got his “emergency bag”, stuffed it with what he could (ampoules and vials of drugs littered his closet), slipped into a pair of joggers and white tee-shirt and set out.

Dr. Lere could deny Lola of very few requests. Unfortunately,this was not  one of those times he could deny her. He felt she really needed him. Subtle voices of ‘savage garden’ rendering ‘truly madly deeply’ broke the silence of the night and he drove out and away.

Lola was waiting at the gate when Lere arrived. He swiftly seized his bag from the car and raced into the house. This was an emergency and his adrenaline levels now could easily match the event. He caught the image of the ‘fragile bundle’ lying in the room,with Bones at the entrance. He stood there for seconds, thinking out a plan. He saw that she moved slightly.

“She’s alive” , he announced.

“We know”, Lola cut in sharply,”that’s why I called you. She must remain alive,please”.

At that time the girl moaned softly..” help me.please”.

“Airway is patent, at least”, Lere smiled, muttering to no one in particular. He did a quick evaluation: random blood sugar normal, Blood pressure sub-normal ; pulse weak, distant and racing away,breathing was laboured. She had bruises scattered all over her body, also cuts at some places.

“She’s lost quite some amount of blood and she needs plasma expanders at least”, Lere told Lara and Bones. The blank look on their faces told the story – they didn’t understand his gibberish.

“Just do what you can, and fast!!!”, Bones almost screamed.

“Remember,we can’t take her to any hospital, at least until after the elections”, Lola quickly added.

Some tense seconds of silence followed shortly.

“Let’s see what I can pull off then, hopefully, it’ll be just enough, barring any dislocations or fractures. God help us”, Lere said before setting out to work.


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  1. Isaacola AA says:

    The story is getting more interesting. Fingers crossed waiting for next dose.

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    Hmmm….I can’t believe I’m this serious while reading this…..thumbs up. Next episode pleaseeeeeeee

  3. tabitha says:

    Chai! This one get sugar! Beautiful piece…little wonder the delay!

  4. Adesewa says:

    Nice one! keep it up KAYGEEGAL……….
    i can’t wait to read the next episode oo.

  5. imotolab2014 says:

    bones has a good heart but…….what has he gotten you all into. hmmm. lets seee

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