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“We stand against any form of violence as the elections approach. Nobody should take advantage of this election to perpetrate violence. If our opponents cannot take the heat anymore, they should back off or restrategize instead of engaging in this lawlessness”

“Sir, are saying that this is the handiwork of the opposition party?” Asked a petite man from DBC Radio.

“Well, this is politics and some people take it as a do or die affair. Like I said earlier, we won’t give chance for any form of violence.”

“Do you have a name in mind sir?” Another reporter asked.

“No, I don’t. It can’t be done by an individual, this looks like a party decision to bring us down or to scare us. You know what? It can’t, not in anyway because we are coming out strong.” He glared at the camera as if communicating directly with the opponent.

“But Sir, aren’t you at advantage too?”, the petite reporter quizzed again.


“If anything happens to Hon. Akinlade and he can’t continue with his aspiration, you would be the flagbearer and…”

He was cut short.

“Akinlade is my best friend! You can’t call that an advantage”, he retorted.

“Maybe you don’t see it as an advantage but if Hon. Akinlade cannot continue with this because obviously he is a gentleman who doesn’t like to be threatened, do you agree with me that he will step down immediately his life or family’s is being threatened?”

The reporter continued defiantly, catching the interest of the others who left her to continue the questioning.

“Yes he may, but we won’t let him. The opponent cannot shake us”, Mr. Salau Alimi replied calmly.

“Yes he may, and when that happens can we safely conclude that you are the flag bearer?”, another reporter asked.

“Listen you all, this very building has in it my daughter’s husband, my best friend’s daughter, colleagues, investors and staff! You ain’t talking about if they are still alive or how we are trying to save them. All you talk about is me being the next candidate… I wonder how humane you media people in this country are”

He dropped microphone, visibly irritated and stormed off the stage.

“Woow, what a stunt!” I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears.”Did he just pretend as if he doesn’t have a hand in it? What da fuck!”

Lere and Bones kept mute with serious concentration on the TV as if we did not just hear the worst lie ever.

“You guys shouldn’t keep quiet as if this is normal…this is not! Hon. Akinlade’s daughter is lying down in my own room with pains written all over her body and he has the gut to hold a press conference just few hours after in order to blame the opposition party. Chai! How I hate politics.” I cringed.

“We’ve been in politics all along, we’ve been played and we have been encouraging them. None of us is doing nor saying anything.” Lere sighed and continued, “look at Bones here…he is being used too.”

“Don’t tell me that! I only want my daily bread”, Bones cut in sharply as soon as Lere stopped.

It was my turn to look at the unfolding argument between them, there might probably be a fight.

“Can’t you find a honest way of getting your daily bread? Must it be through killing for politicians?”

I could hear the angry note from Lere’s voice, somebody who just treated a stranger for free and didn’t even ask much questions.

“I know your problem, you are fortunate enough to have rich parents that sent you school. Now you can sit down there and judge me! When you didn’t experience half of what I went through”.

Bones was emotional and it got to me. Tension was rising and I knew I should wade in.

“Bones, nobody is judging you here, we are just saying your barbing profession can sustain you.” I reached out to him with my right hand he shrugged it off.

“I guess you were not here when I was struggling to pay shop rent, electricity bill, fuel for generator, generator maintenance, TAX! I’m paying TAX! How much was I gaining? Talk!”, he yelled at me.

I curled up on the single sitter and refused to respond to his rant.

“All I’m saying is, you don’t need this mess you got yourself into. You are even better off as a bus conductor”, Lere chipped in.

“Doctor pray. Pray that you become a bus conductor now”.

“It hasn’t come to that now, I trained to be a doctor and you chose who you are today!”

I stood up, having had enough of their verbal exchanges. Bones had already made up his mind, and as long as he remained the Bones I know, nothing can change his mind. I went to the restroom to relieve myself.

Sitting on the WC got me musing over the situation.

“Lere is wrong, its not only Bones that is in a big mess, we all are. God! What will happen to us, I have a dad in the hospital, Lere is married and Bones…well, his family stopped bothering about him…hmmmm”

I sat there some more minutes doing nothing. The feeling to use the toilet had disappeared and ended in nothing but a long pee. I involuntarily cleaned up when it was evident nothing but a pee was coming. I pulled up my touser, flushed and returned to the living room hoping they would have stopped their heated exchange but I was absolutely wrong, they were still at it.

“I don’t know why you bother yourself so much about these good for nothing politicians when we all know exactly what they did to you personally” Bones was on his legs now barking at Lere.

“What are you talking about?” Lere requested mildly.

“The Ebola case! How much did WHO said they would pay doctors working with Ebola patients? Didn’t they pay that exactly money to Nigeria? Answer that.”

Lere forced out a tight “yes”.

“Now tell me, did up to 40% of what WHO pay end up with the doctors? Answer that too”

“No…but…we knew doctors were cheated, they risked their lives and yet…”, Lere stammered, linking his words incoherently.

“So, doctor are you still not in favor of getting what you can get from there while you can?”, he asked sarcastically.

“I still don’t believe in this very path you are treading. We should be responsible as citizens too”.

I could see how much Lere was trying, he should just give up. Bones was stubborn.

“You want me to remind you of your days in LUTH during your housemanship?”

“I told you the stories!”

“Revisit it doctor, and let me know if you still want the honest path…I have business to take care of. This lady can’t hide here”.

He left us with our thought. To a large extent, I blamed the government for making Bones what he had become and at the same time I wondered what was going through Lere’s mind. The result was a block, I could not make anything out of my thoughts.

I sank deeper into the sofa, thinking of a way out of the situation.


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  1. Isaacola AA says:

    Thought provoking…

  2. Whale Ogunwale says:

    War of words, difficult to take sides….
    …See how the pollitician reacted to the ‘accident’….
    Great piece of writting!!!

  3. tabitha says:

    Wait! I forgot to read this last week, chai! And that Bone’s gf shld stop taking his side kwa…wetin concern govt. concern ur way of lyf…abi no b obodo naija ni? Mtchew! She shld stop all of these sentimental feelings for him o jere. Ehn-ehn, dt rich spouse of hers nko? Dnt tell me it is o’er btwn ’em jux lyk dt o.

    Dullarpo has got “brains” fa…that big head aint jux empty…nice one pretty mon-amie *winks*

  4. Conductor don upgrade.

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