So I picked up a newspaper on my way to the office. No, I don’t read papers but colleague does. As usual I read the headlines only and one struck my heart…he hadn’t quit.


I remembered the video instantly, Hon. Akinlade and Salau Alimi’s visit and the conversation with Bones. I remember how Bones cringed as the two men appeared.

“How are you, Bones?” Hon. Akinlade greeted and got a nod as response from Bones.

“I heard you are good”, Hon. Akinlade continued.

“It depends on what you are talking about”, Bones responded sharply. Some confidence he quickly gathered.

“Without mincing words, you heard what happened to my company”, He paused for a response, got none and continued. “Excavation is still ongoing with many people still buried alive”.

He betrayed emotions and a tear escaped which he quickly plucked away from the corner of his eyes. His moist eyes however shone brightly.

“My daughter could still be there, they haven’t found her body and Salau’s son-in-law’s” He pointed at Salau Alimi who bowed his head in a mixture of sadness and something close to guilt.

“I want retaliation, a painful one, for whoever did this”, he said with a force that carried as much fury and other negative emotions with it.

I felt for the man. He wanted retaliation on his enemy who was right behind him but his heart was driven to another, another who knew nothing.

Bones grabbed Hon. Akinlade by the left shoulder with his right hand and looked into his eyes.

“You will get what you want Honorable”.

I watched the promise he made to me fly away from under the tree where they were having the discussion.

Akinlade got the retaliation he wanted; only that it was not an absolute one. It was the beginning of a fresh war.

I sunk on the seat in my cubicle. How I managed to get there was a miracle.

“Dear Lord, I need a helper”


Boye finally called. God answers prayers!

“I miss you so much baby”

He sounded like he missed me truly.

“For how long do we intend to do this?”, I mused. We break and mend quite often.

“I’ve missed you too”

I could not help saying, almost tearfully.

Almost two weeks without him had been hell, not because he was not around or did not call but because if he had been around, I would not have gotten myself into Bone’s mess. I missed him because he was not there to tell me to tread softly.

Maybe what I needed was a strong man. A man that would command me and I won’t dare disobey…just maybe.

“I’m sorry I bothered you so much about the Masters, I gave it a thought and I concluded that I don’t have to force you to do anything. I’m sorry it caused friction between us”

He was talking in his coolest, calmest and most seductive voice. He actually was cooing, not talking. I smiled

“Baby, its fine. I missed you too, I missed you so bad”

“How come you didn’t call me to say that”

He knew how to whine like a baby. I made a mental note of how he would make his face at that moment: he would put and make that annoyingly seductive baby face. That always got my heart racing.

“So what’s been happening?”

“Bones!” I was going to say, then I remembered the hatred between both of them.

“I have been busy, work has been tiring.”

Work had not been tiring, my life had been! Helping Bones was tiring! Knowing that your life is in danger was tiring!

“Really? I got a call from Mr. Audu saying it seems you are a li-little under the weather”, He stammered on the ‘little’

My temper shot towards the sky. “How could he say that? Did I tell him that?”

“Baby, calm down. He said you look at people suspiciously and watch your back as you walk and avoid people and….baby, are you OK?” Maybe he was short of words.

“Don’t mind him, he is just being paranoid”, I said coolly.

Maybe it was true, maybe I was exaggerating, maybe I was actually the paranoid one looking at everybody like they knew what I got involved with and they could read the secret from me loud and clear by just looking into my face.

Boye cleared his throat from the other end and broke the silence, interrupting my thoughts.

“He suggested you go on vacation for two days at least. What do you think?”

“He did?” I sighed. Boye has a way with people, I was sure he it was who cajoled the man into accepting the vacation plan, something I hated so much. Maybe because I was used to fighting my way up instead of looking for short cuts. I knew I had not earned the vacation but it was fine.

I concluded with Boye on the vacation plan.

“Bones can look for another accomplice”, I made up my mind.



He looked at the beautiful petite lady blocking his exit and rolled his eyes.

“This is what I get for saving you? A stupid attitude?” He said irritably.

The petite lady was visibly shaken and blocked the door to prevent Bones from exiting.

“You claim that you saved me and you are keeping me here forever? That’s what you call help? Kidnap is what you call help? Answer me!” She tapped his chest, screaming at him.

“How many times will I tell you that you are here for a reason? Do you want to get yourself killed? You too answer me!” He wanted to slap her chest just the way she did but stopped midway when he noticed her terrified face.

“Just a few more days. Please, you will go home after the elections. That’s when it’s safe for you”, he said forcefully, with a bit of plea.

“No! I’m going today, I’m going now! If there is any place I will feel protected, its with my family!” She retorted, defiant.

“You are wrong, my lady. Those interested in your death are in your family. You….”

“Shut up liar! Not my family! Whosoever paid you to kidnap me will rot in jail when I’m out of here. You, and all your accomplices are jail birds already”

Bones laughed hysterically in a manner that sapped all the confidence she had mustered. “Jail birds? Maybe, just maybe. Did you read the paper I brought this morning?”


“Your own father paid me for that, young woman”

He watched as the fear written on her face was joined by confusion. She went quiet, colour draining from her face for some minutes. When she found her voice, she spoke.

“No! You are a liar!”

“I’m a bloody liar, yes. Na wetin I be be that. Just hold your peace ehn, we go find out who dey lie, who dey deceive and who the deceiver be. Your eye go clear“.

She was at a loss, all her defiance and boldness had melted away. Bones did not allow her regain composure before speaking again.

“Check the last drawer in the bedroom, I kept some CDs there. Pick them all and come be my guest.”

He made a face, twisting his lips in pity and pointed in the direction of the home theatre with his eyes.

As if remote controlled, she started towards the bedroom with a “No, please Lord…”

Her head was in all sorts of thoughts. She wondered which was worse: being kidnapped by a stranger or knowing that your stern father who taught you morals and religion is a criminal who was involved in several killings.


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Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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