Re: The Charisma, The protégé; The Duplication of the Zeal.( A rejoinder by ‘Lanre Bucknor)

The work of Allah is not a noise making exercise! It is really this simple; one will come to this later.

It’s been a while one penned his thoughts. Also, it’s been a while one was furious at someone who one feels he shares mutual respect with, the one who made one do both stuff recently is the same person who penned the above titled article.

Owoyele accepts he has a protégé in someone, he denies it with words of mouth but half-heartedly, he acts as much as so.

A protégé by definition is a person who receives special attention, protection and promotion from someone more established in a field. If this definition is too technical to you as it is to one, let’s look at this way, a protégé is a young person who is taught and helped by someone who has a lot of knowledge and experience.

Owoyele seemingly passed a torch to his protégé impliedly or expressly, he holds the stick and carrot but Owoyele only gives his protégé the carrot and rarely wields the stick on his protégé when he ought to. Maybe, he would have done this more if he realises that his protégé listens to him more before anyone else apart from maybe his parents and his siblings. Instead, Owoyele prefers to blame one, yes blame, not criticize, for his protégé’s undoings as regards the subject matter of discuss, as evident here:

“…He hence blames issues of the second term regime on the other who he feels by the golden advice for Islamic workers, Charisma handed him the torch”.

Owoyele obviously doesn’t get one’s point with the above statement, he feels one blames one’s incapabilities and or failings on another, he doesn’t understand what one means by one and his protégé not operating on same pedestal, he fails to see that, whilst one wants to get things done no matter how hard, the other wants to be in the spotlight no matter how hard.

But then, the work of Allah is not and never a noise making exercise because if it’s the spotlight one craves, one will find himself in it and the huge reward accrued to one passes one by.

Owoyele keeps failing as it were, to distinguish between the grand motive of these two fellows, one understands what it means to fail himself, the people he represents and the God he serves and do whatever in his power albeit procrastination laden to get things sorted. If this is the motive of the other fellow, Allahu A’alam.

One accepts Criticisms, in actual fact, one adores criticisms because those who criticize one hold one in high regard and have set standards for one with their own impression and measure of one’s intelligence or dumbness as the case may be. Owoyele needs to understand this; he needs to recognize that very thin line between criticism and blame. Owoyele will keep making one furious if he keeps missing this subtle point.

Owoyele issued a disclaimer, that he did not train anyone. Maybe he didn’t, but then, he needs again to understand this too: you don’t choose your mentee most of the time, your mentee chooses you. Therefore, Owoyele needs to find time and tutor his ‘protégé’ on how to channel his massive ginger energy which they look to have in common into positivity and productivity like he (Owoyele) has been doing over a period of time.

The work of Allah will continue with or without anyone no matter how influential the person might seem or think s/he is, as rightly pointed out by the Glorious Qur’an and Hadith and as quoted by Owoyele in his beautiful penultimate article, because really, the work of Allah has never been about who makes most noise but who Allah gives the Grace to achieve set goals. It wasn’t and will never be a noise making exercise.

Salam alaykum warahamatullah.

‘Lanre Bucknor is also known as Kofi and AbdulHameed. He writes mostly on his bed from Lagos and sometimes back, in Bida. He tweets via @lordrooz.


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