Okay, okay, I go on a raving and ranting spree yet again. Alright, it is not meant to be a rant, before you get mad at me seeing as my last exercise here was a rambling piece.

Seems I would stop entering my bathroom as it is there that many of my ‘funny’ musings come. I really cannot as there are lots of other not so funny stuff that come when I’m in there doing ‘things’. That should let me stay there more often. I have taken life changing decisions while I sat on the white ceramic bowl, emptying my bowels. I have stood, letting water pass through the parts you see, and the not readily

So I was trying to take a bath after getting myself involved in some highly demanding work, and then that thing that talks in my head started again. Let me let you in to the thoughts that camped in my head while I was having that bath.

I heard of the mumu button some years ago. The pretty lady I call the nightingale was the one who talked of having my mumu button when I said something akin to her making me feel giddy and breaking down my defences.

That exactly is how many of us have had our defences broken and weaknesses exposed by that one person; that one person that can change your mind when you might have decided to do something else; that one person that makes every other thing pale into insignificance; that one person that…*coughs*

Have you had to bend rules to accommodate a particular person’s excesses at different times? My dear, that person might be your weakness. If you have had to ‘deal with’ someone for doing something, and made excuses for another, the other person might just be your weakness.

Should I give more instances? There is that person you always want to please, that person whose mood affects yours, that person you always look at as one whose standards must be lived up to, that person you put ahead of yourself sometimes (that is not so cool though), that person you want to keep happy. Whoever that person is, (s)he might just be your weakness. Depending on how much of a grip you have on yourself, that individual(s) might just have your mumu button…and depending on how much of your mumuness you hand over to them, you might find yourself have an improved life or absolutely exploited.

These things happen and there is no reason to feel bad about having a weakness. The only thing I do not like (and which unfortunately I cannot change) is the fact that people mostly exploit the fact that they have your mumu button in a negative way. Mostly when we take stock of how people who are our weaknesses have dealt with us, we often feel short changed.

I am pretty sure someone is thinking about the opposite gender when we talk of weaknesses. NO. Even in those people who have the same privates as you, there are folks you like so much that you accommodate and tolerate crap from. Those are folks who will get away with blue murder and you will stand there grinning like someone who just won the best mumu award.

No matter how tough or stony your heart is, I do not need you to admit, I just only will say that there is that person(s) who is your weakness. I know you will not admit that you have a mumu button, so let us just say it in English: “there is that person you will cut some slack” #yimu. You see now? That does not make you a mumu like me, it only makes you human. LOOOOOOOOOL

I am sure some people would be asking themselves what I am driving at with this piece (seems like a bit of rudderless junk to me too, so I no dey vex if you reason am like that). Wait, I will explain, I do not need to justify what the man that talks in my head tells me, but I will explain. I know people who are my weaknesses, and a few of them know they cannot get a NO from me. I know people who will never say NO to me as well (I am lucky fam).

In all of these weakness and mumu button pressing, try as much as possible to not be too much of an exploiter on the negative side of things. Yes, you one of are their weaknesses but make sure you don’t leave a bitter after taste in their mouth arising from the special place they put you in their mind and heart.

Let me go and cook biko

I’m outta here…xoxoxoxoxoxo


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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  1. Lol, better go and collect your mumu button from those boys that have it… Only girls are entitled to it *tongue out*!!! Better write more o, stop going on vacation!!!

  2. kemistry says:

    u still cook? I will do deliverance for u, after dat ill baptise u. but wen are u cooking spaghetti so dat I can come

  3. kemistry says:

    nice piece of a honest mind

  4. Oyinreigns says:

    #Laughing seriously# in a nutshell every one of us na mumu (not d stupid one) to that one person who u can’t just say no to (in a positive way). But the most painful thing is that a lot of people are misusing the “mumu button” they wil even bragged about having ur button in public. Let us all use our button wisely. Nice piece bro, cos av got Ur mumu button too #u knw naw

  5. Ayobola says:

    Should have been ‘Of Mumus and their Mumu buttons’. LOL.
    I shudder! Shudder at the possibilities….the thought….

    But thankfully, I’m too nice to abuse such a useful device 😉 abi?

  6. Ayobola says:

    Heyyyyyy! Where did my comment go?

  7. Owoyemi Paddle Olayinka says:

    You should be charged for Plagiarism- it’s like you wrote the story of my life without giving citations.. Realest sh*t ever. My mumu button wey dey with people na me still dey buy battery for them to make it work effectively. Good Article

  8. Cynthia says:

    Lol mumu button…well I will learn how to use them wisely and positively. And to those who have my mumu button plssssss use am well *winks*

    Thanks big bro

    Expecting more from you Sir.

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