Kaygeegal writes about the many tell tales in our daily life. Enjoy AMEBO, and remember to use the comment box. We appreciate feedback a lot. Thanks

The breeze blew
Harmonizing the hushes after stories
But I have heard…they were talking about me
About my hobby.

She said I’m a lazy seer

Prophetizing a wreckage future.
But I am no seer

I only emit things I see


I told the landlord that brother Jero helps rock his boat
Afterall he needs help down there.

Was I a lazy seer when I prophesied that Lere would die of black heart?
I alone see her around Sikiru 
When all hens shed their chickens at his presence
She dwells with him in the dark

I rock on my stool…listening
She that cast my news knows why 
Her beau laced her with that black rope I know nothing of
She should rejoice I see things
Her naive listener’s husband would have  climbed the unclimbed.

Am I still a lazy seer?
Am I wrong in protecting them all like a great shepherd?
Should I tell her now that her beau just escaped to the Corper’s chamber? 
Naaaaah…let her enjoy my tales with her listener
By my stool, they shall all pass

The writer is on twitter as @kaygeegal. She writes for leisure and pleasure


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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  1. Isaacola AA says:

    Mmm like the picture. It depict the message vividly. Kudos ….

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