Is happy new year 2016 still a valid greeting? Please accept that greeting from me as it is my first piece of writing for this year. I remember promising me, and you, that my writing will be without barriers and boundaries. I will do just that, even if my closest person feels I should be diplomatic. Like I say always, “just leave me and let me write whatever it is that is bugging my head, tugging at the strings of my mind”.

Someone comes into your life, whether ‘your amazing life’ like many of you like to refer to it, or ‘your wretched life’ like some of the foul mouthed ones I call friends will say; they make an impact and… Scratch that… Someone comes into your life and presses your mumu button so hard (or not at all if you are actually on a scamming mission), and you look for that special way to address them.

That brings me to the idea of pet names, and allied matters (that should make it sound serious). I am lucky to have different people pet name me at different times. At least I have had someone ‘Baby mi’ me and I am someone’s ‘Treasure’.

In giving, I have been chanced to pet name many people. Now before you hang the “hopeless ashewo” tag on me, not all of them are/were romantically involved with me. You might want to question my motive for pet naming someone who I do not have a romantic relationship with. Biko, leave that side. E nor consign you *rolling my big eyes*

Some of these pet names are inspired by situations and occurrences, by dates and times, and even by sheer creativity. There is also the pet name that comes from shortening of names. Someone I was with for a lengthy period of time earned the tag Queenie because I wanted a ‘funkified’ version of Queen. I have been privileged to name someone else Dovey, although I am not sure that should have been the name.

Of course there is Sugarmunch, Honeybun and Prettyhead. I have Habibti, translated as My love in Arabic.

I have also heard of many interesting and loving names that people give to their partners. There is the Emperor and Empress, ife (the Yoruba name for love), ife mi (translated as my love). While we were growing up, our neighbours referred to themselves as M.D. I tried severally to know what that meant (my brain no dey gree rest since I small). I initially thought it came from the name of one of their kids but none of their offsprings bore a name starting with a D.

One of my very close friends and his babe had this unique way of referring to one another. He was Omo yen (that child) and she was Omo kan (one child like that). It was funny to me, but I liked the creativity behind the pet naming.

I have friends who use their partners’ orikis as their pet names. One pet name I particularly find funny is Heartbeat. I am not condemning the use of it o, its just a bit funny to me. Okay, let us say the one I named Queenie was called Heartbeat back then; and then life happened and we had to go our separate ways, does it mean my heart has stopped beating? Looooooool

Or I pet named someone Sunshine, and she left me for good one day. Does it mean the sun has stopped shining on me ni? Let me not be ‘ridiculous’, as Sugarmunch will say to me. Choose to pet name that person the way it pleases you jare, don’t mind those of us who try to crack a joke out of every situation.

Now take a few minutes to laugh at me. Most of those I have given the sweetest sounding pet names (and I have dated, as in dated gangan) have ended up in the arms of another man. That is part of life happening right?

You believe in them pet names and all? You have given and have been given pet names? Please share your thoughts on pet names, the ones you like the most and maybe the funniest sounding ones by using the comment box below. HAPPY NEW YEAR ONCE AGAIN


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Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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8 Responses to PET NAMES

  1. Isaacola AA says:

    Mmm my oga, mine come to mind when am caline mine own. If you get say uhhu mmm

  2. Cynthia says:

    Lol…funny one here Uncle Seye… uhmm pet names.. well i once named someone mumu i mean MUMU o.. it was so funny that when you call the guy hin go answer. well if you want to give pet names, i think you need to understand the person , His/Her reactions to situation. choosing a pet name makes you feel comfortable too… Pet names like Butter babe, Baby boo and Habibti are nice

    thank you for this Sir…

  3. chi says:

    Butter babe is actually cool……..i have even heard someone call Anoda person my life….so wat happens wen d person leaves, does his life leave as well….

  4. lordrooz says:

    Lol. Emperor and empress. Kontinu mocking me you hear?.

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