THIS morning, I walk down the aisle with YOU. In a few hours, I will look into your eyes and pledge a lot to you, a lot I never even knew I’ve got. I sit in front of my ‘girlfriend’ in this hotel room and punch right into her that YOU are the one who has more attention than her right now. She still doesn’t flinch, she willingly takes the words in and has even connected herself to the nearest wifi so those who wanna see what’s in my head as I take my vows will see. Just before you come at me with the clubs, knives and hammer, this ‘girlfriend’ is my HP PC. She got replaced after her older colleague took a bow sometime last year

“Seye, you are getting married. Will we read something?”

I just smiled, and that is because no one can really connect with how much goes on in my head. Everyone will know a bit of the stuff this morning. In this piece, I will touch on You, and then YOU!

You came when I was not looking or watching; when I just wanted company, association and someone to call mine. You grew into a big tree and occupied space on fertile grounds. We were the best of friends and lovers. You were everything, I mean everything. There is a lot in the little I have penned here, and those who know you know how long it took me to recover after life took you from me. I here am standing today, after staying in the dumps when you left me. Thank you for the lessons from me and you. You left marks…

You were the ’gale. We clicked and were starting to get crazy about one another. Then you flew, promising to come back to the nest. You were not able to because of pastures anew. For you ‘gale, I did that piece, because not many have made my muse visit. Remember what I told you about the world not ending yet? Ok, I’ll whisper into your ears…

At a point in my life, I immersed myself in social media, yes Twitter, and I met You. A sign of freshness, that wanted to be me so much Popo and Lawrence asked me what I have done to make you love me so much. You did so well that I would not sleep without thinking I had a treasure in my chest, neither would I wake without feeling I have finally been able to unearth raw gold. You ticked the criteria of me wanting someone outside my tribe who could speak my language. I don’t know what it is but life happened, and we drifted little by little till we became the end of a hymn. I later understood why something never felt right despite the entire ‘lovey dovey’.

You were always around, after that chance meeting at the bank. Life happened very fast and took you away before we could even really click. Despite the seas and the distance, we stayed in touch, and then you became that very wonderful friend who wanted to be there after the ‘lovey dovey’ days. You did not only help me heal, we made one another better people. I smile when I see how well you made me expand my horizon and improve on my thought-process. I smile when I see how well we both worked to tame a few things you knew were not so cool about you. Not many daughters of Eve have the kind of drive you have, and I really appreciate how hard you drove me. Life always has another route for us many times, and with you and I, same happened. You and I could not take the risk, we could not take the plunge, so we had to stay on the different sides of the divide. You however, are a special You. God bless You any day, every day…nuff said.

You were the one from a distant. Somehow we became closer, but we knew why that was. A fulfilment of some things thought from the long years maybe. A bit of drama, a lot of drama, yet we stick together as pals. LOL. You know what? God bless you big big!

So I ran from You then, and when I was going to come to you, life happened. Then we lost contact for years. See, as I walk down the aisle today, I remember how life brought you back. A better you, a wonderful you who has been a pillar since life brought you back, as a very different person to me. God bless You, and you know you.

Of course to You I was rude. I wanted to run because I did not know what to do. Slowly, I let down my guard, even when I knew it was late. Slowly we forged a partnership we only knew what it meant. You tagged me, I tagged you more. The fav of the tags, only me and you knew. A lot of sweetness drips from you, like Jagaban and Remi Tinubu. I know selflessness when I see it. Such a shame some things will never happen, but the forces bigger than us know why. Nuff said, at least for now.

Then YOU came. You were here during the ‘lovey dovey’ days but I didn’t see the direction in which the compass was pointing. When the compass knew I would not see, it let the wind blow me to YOU. Many things defy explanation. With YOU Habibti, there is the sense of divine arrangement for if I knew it was YOU, I maybe would not have gone on some voyages. Many ask how fast this is, they don’t know I don’t know too. It just started, and here with YOU I start this journey I have been told never ends.

I will read this with YOU later today (shebi YOU know), and we will read this in some years. I just want YOU to know that I feel absolutely fulfilled. As the weeks rolled and today approached, I started to understand why the compass pointed YOU in my direction. I may look as if I am an emotionless being some times, just know I am trying to keep myself sane about YOU. Like I may be hard on YOU sometimes, just know its me reining YOU in. With me, YOU will turn a chuckle into a smile, and a smile into full blown laughter. I love YOU, and I feel that extra that is beyond love, which is needed to build a home.

YOU will one day run back to read this, and hug me warmly, knowing I have stayed true to YOU. And as I walk down the aisle with you in a few hours Habibti, I pledge it all to YOU. YOU wanna know why it is YOU? YOU have the answer, but you don’t know it. Just ask YOU.

Happy married life to YOU…and me. I LOVE YOU


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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25 Responses to AS I TAKE MY VOWS

  1. *clears throat. So the journey begins with some ladies bitting their fingers on how they every missed out on you. Indeed I pray, that as you begin this journey, may you guys be always glad that today you walked down the aisle. Have a blissful home.

  2. Anuoluwaponasir says:

    Deep….. May ur bond continue to wax stronger. I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.. #evergreenlove

  3. Anuoluwaponasir says:

    Deep…. May ur bond continue to wax strongeI wish you a lifetime of happiness together #evergreenlove

  4. Kemi says:

    Congratulations Bro I am extremely happy for you. You are responsible and caring man, so no need to tell you that.
    Congrats Bro, God bless your union today and forever.

  5. teju says:

    Congratulations Seye,may God bless your union.

  6. Beejay says:

    What a journey!… Congratz Bro and God bless your home!!!

  7. ADE22 says:

    I couldn’t hold back the tears when I read ‘my own” part…,I’m so happy for you and also glad to be here to witness it,I wish you two unending joy in your marriage!

  8. omolara says:

    congrats bro…. I’m so proud of the man you are becoming. bukky is a lucky girl. may God make ur love last forever

  9. Danbloke says:

    Congrat bro…. I am happy for you. God will bless your union and home. Sorry Could not witness the event

  10. Oluwakemi osukoya says:

    God bless you and give you the courage to stay true and through to your vow.

  11. Paul says:

    Hmmmmmm… Oscarwenger! “You know you” Is alright. You sha use Peteru to rob Paluu. It is well. OluwaBukola, Congrats! Welcome to #Familyhouse.

  12. Oyinreigns says:

    I could remember talking with you at total filling station on having a fullfilled relationship some years back… hmmm bro. Seye (Happiest man on earth now)
    I wish you God’s best, understanding, wisdom, grace and mercy to carry on in this new journey… So happy for you brother like no other… Olowoori Bukky

  13. Ablad says:

    Happy married life to both of you. It’s a personal pleasure here, that my big cuz finally becomes a husband. And I’m glad for this addition, indeed, she has come to “bu kun ola wa”. God bless this union and make it a positive example for us; “the generation close by”. Love ya!

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