This place has plenty cobwebs. The blog possibly does not like me again. Just beg am for me as she’s well-loved and the chase for daily bread, coupled with other things like an ‘ill and admitted’ PC have hidden me. Well, my people in the ‘errrm’ community say I should type on my mobile but I have never found it easy going that way. The screen is too small for me and everything seems clumsy. Let us leave all that story and clean all the dust and cobwebs here together as we take a short ride with my reflective post.

I normally put up something on my birthday but I was lucky enough to have people in my life who thought the best they could do was write what they think about me. If I added mine that same March 28, everything would be too much. Hence, I took the back seat and let you digest what was said/written before I do my own bit of writing (although ‘tis more of a junk folder emptying).

So I start by registering my appreciation to everyone who took time to reach out to me on the day that annually brings me to reflection. There were phone calls and sms; there were physical meetings. The biggest ones came from people who reached out via the virtual world. There are people I cannot remember knowing at all but who by virtue of being my Facebook friends, reached out too. There are those for whom it’s the annual ritual, and they did not fail with the “HBD, LLNP”. Big thanks all

Of course, I have people whom I have seen just a few times or never seen that have become friends and family via social media (I reject the temptation to mention names). These guys wrote words that touched and moved me. If what they wrote about me is anything to go about, then I only have to set the bar higher and keep living the way I presently do.

Like I noted earlier, my birthday always brings me to the place of reflection. My outlook about life has always been “to be better today than the me I was yesterday”. If I have made you smile before, I want to make you grin. If you ever remember me, I want it to be that you will send me a word of prayer. I want you to lighten up with a smile whenever I stroll into your consciousness.

I am presently strutting my stuff here but I want to live when I am no longer alive. I want to be remembered as the one who was the reason for many positives. All these spur me on so that it would be said of me “he’s no longer here but he’s still right here”. I want to write books you will want to read over and over, like I have read some over the years.

In this journey, I have been blessed with great people, and of course the not so wonderful ones. I am glad as both groups of people have been of immense help in shaping my thought process. I have enjoyed the loyalty Peter had for Jesus (that made him deny Christ at a point); I have been kissed by Judas (maybe I survived); I have found and lost LOVE; I have lost and found PEACE. I however have the right dose of all I need. The only fear I have is to not translate potential into result. With the help of God, I will exceed expectations (at the appointed time).

There are people I carry on my head who are gracious enough to show me they don’t care a bit about my feelings. There are those who have reciprocated by carrying me high. I have been mean to some who say they love me and some have been mean to me because of the same thing, or even what is not worth it. I am however glad because I am in the University of Life.

I have been taken advantage of and taken for a fool because of many things. What the inner man says to me however is to let things be, and let time heal me. What I believe that has made me ignore is that beneficiaries of my supposed weakness have no moral justification to call me out.

I am calm because I never want to ‘fight’ with anyone as no one knows the last moment with anyone. I will not confront you because I just want to live in peace. I am no pretender, I just do my thing and go on. My human interactions and inter-personal relationships mean a lot to me, and I will not joke with it no matter who feels offended. I can lose one person to cling on to five. It is me, and how I choose to live, don’t you worry about how that wil get me into trouble.

I am not ashamed to have recurring decimals. Many of them are good and have been ladders and bridges despite some people trying to eject them from my life; some others are what they are, parasites. I am blessed with many who believe in me (even when I know/feel I am not good enough).

I have another chance to start another 3-6-5, and I already am in it. I will not stop doing what I do, neither will I stop living in the way I do. I will only seek to be “better today than the me I was yesterday”.

Big thanks everyone. I really felt great on my birthday and I do feel great now that I have a whole lot of wonderful people in my life.

Hopefully, this marks the resumption of life on this blog that used to be my run-to-place.


About oscarpoems

Finds great pleasure in reading and writing my thoughts. Chartered Animal Scientist, writes poems and articles for leisure and fulfillment. Lover of God, country and humanity.
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  1. Adetoun says:

    Beautiful piece. Thumbs up bro.

  2. Dolapo says:

    Too much dusts… Oya let’s clear 😉😉😉 and start posting jare. It just that the chase of money been making one feel like lazy writer but by His Grace, things will change for the best. By the way, you are most welcome!

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