This place has plenty cobwebs. The blog possibly does not like me again. Just beg am for me as she’s well-loved and the chase for daily bread, coupled with other things like an ‘ill and admitted’ PC have hidden me. Well, my people in the ‘errrm’ community say I should type on my mobile but I have never found it easy going that way. The screen is too small for me and everything seems clumsy. Let us leave all that story and clean all the dust and cobwebs here together as we take a short ride with my reflective post.

I normally put up something on my birthday but I was lucky enough to have people in my life who thought the best they could do was write what they think about me. If I added mine that same March 28, everything would be too much. Hence, I took the back seat and let you digest what was said/written before I do my own bit of writing (although ‘tis more of a junk folder emptying).

So I start by registering my appreciation to everyone who took time to reach out to me on the day that annually brings me to reflection. There were phone calls and sms; there were physical meetings. The biggest ones came from people who reached out via the virtual world. There are people I cannot remember knowing at all but who by virtue of being my Facebook friends, reached out too. There are those for whom it’s the annual ritual, and they did not fail with the “HBD, LLNP”. Big thanks all

Of course, I have people whom I have seen just a few times or never seen that have become friends and family via social media (I reject the temptation to mention names). These guys wrote words that touched and moved me. If what they wrote about me is anything to go about, then I only have to set the bar higher and keep living the way I presently do.

Like I noted earlier, my birthday always brings me to the place of reflection. My outlook about life has always been “to be better today than the me I was yesterday”. If I have made you smile before, I want to make you grin. If you ever remember me, I want it to be that you will send me a word of prayer. I want you to lighten up with a smile whenever I stroll into your consciousness.

I am presently strutting my stuff here but I want to live when I am no longer alive. I want to be remembered as the one who was the reason for many positives. All these spur me on so that it would be said of me “he’s no longer here but he’s still right here”. I want to write books you will want to read over and over, like I have read some over the years.

In this journey, I have been blessed with great people, and of course the not so wonderful ones. I am glad as both groups of people have been of immense help in shaping my thought process. I have enjoyed the loyalty Peter had for Jesus (that made him deny Christ at a point); I have been kissed by Judas (maybe I survived); I have found and lost LOVE; I have lost and found PEACE. I however have the right dose of all I need. The only fear I have is to not translate potential into result. With the help of God, I will exceed expectations (at the appointed time).

There are people I carry on my head who are gracious enough to show me they don’t care a bit about my feelings. There are those who have reciprocated by carrying me high. I have been mean to some who say they love me and some have been mean to me because of the same thing, or even what is not worth it. I am however glad because I am in the University of Life.

I have been taken advantage of and taken for a fool because of many things. What the inner man says to me however is to let things be, and let time heal me. What I believe that has made me ignore is that beneficiaries of my supposed weakness have no moral justification to call me out.

I am calm because I never want to ‘fight’ with anyone as no one knows the last moment with anyone. I will not confront you because I just want to live in peace. I am no pretender, I just do my thing and go on. My human interactions and inter-personal relationships mean a lot to me, and I will not joke with it no matter who feels offended. I can lose one person to cling on to five. It is me, and how I choose to live, don’t you worry about how that wil get me into trouble.

I am not ashamed to have recurring decimals. Many of them are good and have been ladders and bridges despite some people trying to eject them from my life; some others are what they are, parasites. I am blessed with many who believe in me (even when I know/feel I am not good enough).

I have another chance to start another 3-6-5, and I already am in it. I will not stop doing what I do, neither will I stop living in the way I do. I will only seek to be “better today than the me I was yesterday”.

Big thanks everyone. I really felt great on my birthday and I do feel great now that I have a whole lot of wonderful people in my life.

Hopefully, this marks the resumption of life on this blog that used to be my run-to-place.

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HEAL! By ‘Lanre Bucknor

Hi guys. I was gonna resume my ‘Musings’ after the events of the last few days but it turned out that the ‘moon’ served up excess ‘honey’. Anyways, let’s enjoy @lordrooz, as he enjoins us to ‘HEAL!’. Please enjoy, and use the comment box below

Not because everyone
Wants you to
Because you have to
You need to

Because you must
For yourself
And maybe
For someone else

Because it’s the only thing
Holding you back
From being the dream
Of someone
Out there,
And maybe, just maybe
To have you
In their arms,
and life

Because you must!
You have to
For that special person

Please dear,
Go through this process
This Slow,
painful process

Do nothing else
After this

Just heal!

–  Heal.
‘Lanre Bucknor

‘Lanre Bucknor writes from Lagos. He is always in a healing process because he learns everyday. He holds one word close to his heart and that word is SINCERITY.
‘Lanre can be found on twitter and Instagram via @lordrooz

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THIS morning, I walk down the aisle with YOU. In a few hours, I will look into your eyes and pledge a lot to you, a lot I never even knew I’ve got. I sit in front of my ‘girlfriend’ in this hotel room and punch right into her that YOU are the one who has more attention than her right now. She still doesn’t flinch, she willingly takes the words in and has even connected herself to the nearest wifi so those who wanna see what’s in my head as I take my vows will see. Just before you come at me with the clubs, knives and hammer, this ‘girlfriend’ is my HP PC. She got replaced after her older colleague took a bow sometime last year

“Seye, you are getting married. Will we read something?”

I just smiled, and that is because no one can really connect with how much goes on in my head. Everyone will know a bit of the stuff this morning. In this piece, I will touch on You, and then YOU!

You came when I was not looking or watching; when I just wanted company, association and someone to call mine. You grew into a big tree and occupied space on fertile grounds. We were the best of friends and lovers. You were everything, I mean everything. There is a lot in the little I have penned here, and those who know you know how long it took me to recover after life took you from me. I here am standing today, after staying in the dumps when you left me. Thank you for the lessons from me and you. You left marks…

You were the ’gale. We clicked and were starting to get crazy about one another. Then you flew, promising to come back to the nest. You were not able to because of pastures anew. For you ‘gale, I did that piece, because not many have made my muse visit. Remember what I told you about the world not ending yet? Ok, I’ll whisper into your ears…

At a point in my life, I immersed myself in social media, yes Twitter, and I met You. A sign of freshness, that wanted to be me so much Popo and Lawrence asked me what I have done to make you love me so much. You did so well that I would not sleep without thinking I had a treasure in my chest, neither would I wake without feeling I have finally been able to unearth raw gold. You ticked the criteria of me wanting someone outside my tribe who could speak my language. I don’t know what it is but life happened, and we drifted little by little till we became the end of a hymn. I later understood why something never felt right despite the entire ‘lovey dovey’.

You were always around, after that chance meeting at the bank. Life happened very fast and took you away before we could even really click. Despite the seas and the distance, we stayed in touch, and then you became that very wonderful friend who wanted to be there after the ‘lovey dovey’ days. You did not only help me heal, we made one another better people. I smile when I see how well you made me expand my horizon and improve on my thought-process. I smile when I see how well we both worked to tame a few things you knew were not so cool about you. Not many daughters of Eve have the kind of drive you have, and I really appreciate how hard you drove me. Life always has another route for us many times, and with you and I, same happened. You and I could not take the risk, we could not take the plunge, so we had to stay on the different sides of the divide. You however, are a special You. God bless You any day, every day…nuff said.

You were the one from a distant. Somehow we became closer, but we knew why that was. A fulfilment of some things thought from the long years maybe. A bit of drama, a lot of drama, yet we stick together as pals. LOL. You know what? God bless you big big!

So I ran from You then, and when I was going to come to you, life happened. Then we lost contact for years. See, as I walk down the aisle today, I remember how life brought you back. A better you, a wonderful you who has been a pillar since life brought you back, as a very different person to me. God bless You, and you know you.

Of course to You I was rude. I wanted to run because I did not know what to do. Slowly, I let down my guard, even when I knew it was late. Slowly we forged a partnership we only knew what it meant. You tagged me, I tagged you more. The fav of the tags, only me and you knew. A lot of sweetness drips from you, like Jagaban and Remi Tinubu. I know selflessness when I see it. Such a shame some things will never happen, but the forces bigger than us know why. Nuff said, at least for now.

Then YOU came. You were here during the ‘lovey dovey’ days but I didn’t see the direction in which the compass was pointing. When the compass knew I would not see, it let the wind blow me to YOU. Many things defy explanation. With YOU Habibti, there is the sense of divine arrangement for if I knew it was YOU, I maybe would not have gone on some voyages. Many ask how fast this is, they don’t know I don’t know too. It just started, and here with YOU I start this journey I have been told never ends.

I will read this with YOU later today (shebi YOU know), and we will read this in some years. I just want YOU to know that I feel absolutely fulfilled. As the weeks rolled and today approached, I started to understand why the compass pointed YOU in my direction. I may look as if I am an emotionless being some times, just know I am trying to keep myself sane about YOU. Like I may be hard on YOU sometimes, just know its me reining YOU in. With me, YOU will turn a chuckle into a smile, and a smile into full blown laughter. I love YOU, and I feel that extra that is beyond love, which is needed to build a home.

YOU will one day run back to read this, and hug me warmly, knowing I have stayed true to YOU. And as I walk down the aisle with you in a few hours Habibti, I pledge it all to YOU. YOU wanna know why it is YOU? YOU have the answer, but you don’t know it. Just ask YOU.

Happy married life to YOU…and me. I LOVE YOU

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La vida Loca

My rhymes are very local

Just like the mathematical loci

I will never remain docile.


La vida Loca

My love for you always is total

Not like the Baba Ijebu “TOTA

It will never leave you in tatters


My Prima Donna

Our love will flourish in the fauna

You! my heart, my soul, my Querida

With you I belong, my Queen Madonna


La Vida Loca

‘Dola called me ‘local rhymer’

Buttressed by Oscar ma Nigga

They both agree I ain’t a slacker


Let’s sing La vida Loca

My rhymes are still very local

For You, my girl, I remain loyal

For You, my voice shall remain vocal


Viva my Super diva!

You are the joker in my poker

The magic Vaccine that cures the fever

With you around,  I am always a Sizzler!


‘Lanre Bucknor writes lazily from Lagos and wrote from Bida at some point. ‘Lanre gets inspired by so many thoughts, words and actions but too lazy to articulate them on paper. inspiration usually comes from the bathroom but by the time he wraps his towel around his tiny waist, he would have forgotten.

‘Lanre is on twitter and instagram as @lordrooz.

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Let’s write
The dark poetry
Let the pen bleed, with us
Stark naked and warm bodies
Drizzling honey from pot and rod

Let’s write, though
The dim light looms
But your eyes glitter
With fiery passion
For poetry or for orgasm?

Let’s write
About the experienced virgin
I’ll play the virgin
You, the gigolo
On this large soft silk

Let’s write
About the marvelous touches
That ignites dark poetry skills
Let it melt my very soul
And this pen will bleed with us

Anyway_ I want d.jpg

Wait! Is this pen still bleeding
Or under the ecstasy of our moulds?
Oh let’s write, dark poet
I’m sinking quicker than sand
In this poem, let my enthusiasm be felt

On this large soft paper
Let’s write
As I stroke your rod in fascination
That dark hunger on your face
Leaks my pot the more

While I bleed creamy snow white.
I see you engulf in overflowing passion
Nibbling, tasting, delving…waves over waves
Again I ask….
Are these for poetry or for orgasm?

This intense excitement that inspires us
To write in tongues over and over
Let’s finish this dark poetry before she comes
Back to claim you again
From your muse
Or let’s rise.

Picture Credit: Google

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It’s been another eventful year, whether it’s 365 or 366 days. There has been a lot of changes in me, for me and for life as I live it.
There’s been answered prayers (many ones sef), there’s been the sugar-induced (and other) highs, the nerve wrecking low, the sacrificial derived benefits, the carelessness occasioned losses, and more.
Relationships have been forged and lost, alliances drawn and re-alignments made. Not to be ungrateful, there’s been so much positives and very few negatives. Generally, life has happened.
Before today, I’ve been thinking of a few things like I do many times. Mostly random and reflective thoughts. Some deep and analytical, others very meaningless and mundane.
I did not write a post for March 28 last year. Like we do sometimes, let us blame it on my work schedule (even if I was not at work on that beautiful election day in Nigeria). While thinking of my March 28 post for this year, random, rambling thoughts started in my head again. That is why we have this post titled the way it is.
Permit me to let you into some of the ‘junk’ in my head. Some are known to those who know me personally, some are not known to folks who (think they) know me; some are just bland and blehhhh.
So I present to you, 28 bits for March 28…
1. I was named Oluseye at birth. I prefer to be addressed as ‘Seye. I’m the first of three boys. Luckily/unluckily (depending on how you see it), I have no sister. I have no best color, or best food (someone knows i love spaghetti, well garnished), but I have not outgrown my addiction to puff puff.
2. I write with the name Oscarpoems. Now let us break it down. In my first year in Olivet Heights Oyo, I met one of the just graduated seniors who answers my name, and was called Oscar Lee. He named me Oscar Junior, shortened it to Oscar Jay. Another senior funkified the nickname as Oscar Jay Cee, and I started writing with that tag. There was a rebranding when I started writing poems. Oya, cross the t’s and dot the i’s and you’ll see how we got Oscarpoems.
3. I started reading newspapers from a very young age. That was largely due to the fact that my dad is a journalist. His byline in the now rested Sketch titles was the major attraction. I developed the love for writing from there.
4. I am a farmer. Each time I say that, people smile/laugh and say “farmer ke?”. Let me say it the way many like. I’m a 2007 graduate of Animal Production and Health from LAUTECH, Ogbomoso.
5. I am not so much of a conformist, and I like that part of me. Stereotypes are not my thing, I just don’t believe in any form of stereotype. To me, things are relative.
6. I have the knack for desiring something I may never have while leaving the ones I can have with ease. Mostly, what comes to me is better than what I originally wanted. Maybe I like challenges.
7. Human interactions and relationships are very important to me. That makes me value the people in my life despite their flaws (as me sef get mine).
8. Seye will not judge an individual based on what he has been told about the person. With me, you have a long rope to either draw yourself closer, or hang yourself.
9. My life is not about impressing anyone. I just do my thing the way I feel is okay, and every other thing falls into place.
10. I believe in love, I have been loved and I have loved. Yes, I still love someone but I believe love is overrated. It takes more than love to make things tick.
11. Decisions have been taken in my short life. I stand by the results of my decisions while I wish I have done a few things differently. I wish I had ditched the safe spaces to upset the apple cart when some very important and life changing decisions had to be taken.
12. The difference between friends and acquaintances is as clear to me as the day. Let us just leave it like that.
13. Religion will not make you see God, it can take you closer to Him. All you need in my opinion, is a relationship with the awesome One who made us all. That is what I have always thought, and that makes me see religion as nothing apart from a ploy to divide humanity. Your religion matters very little to me.
14. My intention has never been to marry from my tribe. I always liked the idea of having a wife from a tribe different from mine. It almost happened but…
15. My guiding principle in life is “to be better today, than the me I yesterday was“. In doing that, I want a prayer to be said for me anytime I come to mind. So I live to leave a mark in a way.
16. I try to not go to bed holding a grudge against anyone. That is possible in a hard way because even if you bear no grudge against someone, it might be the other way round.
17. My belief is that anyone can die at any time, the way we say Eyan Le Ku Any Fucking Time (ELKAFT). So I strive to live in peace with everyone, as much as possible, because you don’t know the last goodbye.
18. Nothing a human being does catches me by surprise. I have not appointed anyone, so no one can disappoint me.
19. That same thing that is the source of your joy this minute can be the reason sadness will envelop you within seconds. So enjoy your good moments and use the not so good to your advantage.
20. I don’t know myself. Yes, you read right. I am still looking for something; I am a LEARNER, still on the journey to self discovery.
21. I love reading. I really do, and I try to acquire knowledge. I want to have an idea of everything, and anything.
22. Life is relative. Some say it’s either black or white, no grey. Some experience the grey that some argue does not exist. I just do what works for me: could be black, white or grey.
23. There are people placed in your life to push you. You can be lucky to have them till the end of your life, or lucky enough to have life take them away from you either to the great beyond, or here.
24. There are recurring decimals in humans. No matter how much we push them away, their persona and impacts will live on in us. No matter how much others try to chase them away, they stay in our lives.
25. I hate myself for procrastination. I better learn to stop it so I can love me. I also hate my knack foot dragging, waiting for the perfect condition before taking a step. I’m working on me.
26. I’ve found the right formula for my life. Mine may not work for you so find your own.
27. I am open to correction, the right way. Don’t however force your opinion and way of doing things on me. It won’t work.
28. It’s my birthday. I’m graced to be alive to write this. It is not lost on me that the end is approaching too, and that with each tick of the clock. I will keep being me, and make my life write it’s own obituary. For there is life after death, and life after death is what is said of you after you have gone six feet under.
**The best happy birthday I can get from you is to drop honest comments about my life in the comment section. I’ll appreciate what you think I can improve on, not just the good sides.
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Is happy new year 2016 still a valid greeting? Please accept that greeting from me as it is my first piece of writing for this year. I remember promising me, and you, that my writing will be without barriers and boundaries. I will do just that, even if my closest person feels I should be diplomatic. Like I say always, “just leave me and let me write whatever it is that is bugging my head, tugging at the strings of my mind”.

Someone comes into your life, whether ‘your amazing life’ like many of you like to refer to it, or ‘your wretched life’ like some of the foul mouthed ones I call friends will say; they make an impact and… Scratch that… Someone comes into your life and presses your mumu button so hard (or not at all if you are actually on a scamming mission), and you look for that special way to address them.

That brings me to the idea of pet names, and allied matters (that should make it sound serious). I am lucky to have different people pet name me at different times. At least I have had someone ‘Baby mi’ me and I am someone’s ‘Treasure’.

In giving, I have been chanced to pet name many people. Now before you hang the “hopeless ashewo” tag on me, not all of them are/were romantically involved with me. You might want to question my motive for pet naming someone who I do not have a romantic relationship with. Biko, leave that side. E nor consign you *rolling my big eyes*

Some of these pet names are inspired by situations and occurrences, by dates and times, and even by sheer creativity. There is also the pet name that comes from shortening of names. Someone I was with for a lengthy period of time earned the tag Queenie because I wanted a ‘funkified’ version of Queen. I have been privileged to name someone else Dovey, although I am not sure that should have been the name.

Of course there is Sugarmunch, Honeybun and Prettyhead. I have Habibti, translated as My love in Arabic.

I have also heard of many interesting and loving names that people give to their partners. There is the Emperor and Empress, ife (the Yoruba name for love), ife mi (translated as my love). While we were growing up, our neighbours referred to themselves as M.D. I tried severally to know what that meant (my brain no dey gree rest since I small). I initially thought it came from the name of one of their kids but none of their offsprings bore a name starting with a D.

One of my very close friends and his babe had this unique way of referring to one another. He was Omo yen (that child) and she was Omo kan (one child like that). It was funny to me, but I liked the creativity behind the pet naming.

I have friends who use their partners’ orikis as their pet names. One pet name I particularly find funny is Heartbeat. I am not condemning the use of it o, its just a bit funny to me. Okay, let us say the one I named Queenie was called Heartbeat back then; and then life happened and we had to go our separate ways, does it mean my heart has stopped beating? Looooooool

Or I pet named someone Sunshine, and she left me for good one day. Does it mean the sun has stopped shining on me ni? Let me not be ‘ridiculous’, as Sugarmunch will say to me. Choose to pet name that person the way it pleases you jare, don’t mind those of us who try to crack a joke out of every situation.

Now take a few minutes to laugh at me. Most of those I have given the sweetest sounding pet names (and I have dated, as in dated gangan) have ended up in the arms of another man. That is part of life happening right?

You believe in them pet names and all? You have given and have been given pet names? Please share your thoughts on pet names, the ones you like the most and maybe the funniest sounding ones by using the comment box below. HAPPY NEW YEAR ONCE AGAIN

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